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The Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery (VIPS) epitomizes quality and patient-centered care. The VIPS team of world-class aesthetics experts, led by Dr. William Vinyard's expertise, seamlessly integrates patients into our warm, welcoming, family-like culture. Building strong patient relationships is paramount in our practice, offering an unparalleled, high-end VIP experience. With a focus on patient safety and the latest elite technologies, procedures, and products, VIPS delivers exceptional results that set us apart in the field of cosmetic surgery.

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  • Beyond a Single Procedure: Crafting Lifelong Aesthetic Relationships
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Overview William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS


With over 12 years in practice, Dr. William Vinyard is a distinguished, board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon. A member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), he has earned acclaim as the recipient of the Stuart Top Doctor Award in 2023 by Stuart Magazine and the RealSelf Top Doctor in 2022. Dr. Vinyard’s unwavering focus on exceptional results and an unmatched patient experience sets him apart in the industry, with every aspect of VIPS meticulously designed to ensure patient comfort, privacy, and convenience.

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The Making of the Makeover Master

Superior Skill

Dr. Vinyard's exceptional journey to becoming the “Makeover Master” is marked by his rare Aesthetic and Breast Surgery Fellowship, making him one of the few surgeons to complete four comprehensive surgical training programs. His expertise spans general surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, advanced breast reconstructive surgery, and aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery. His world-class training also includes non-surgical techniques, enabling him to use his artistic eye and surgical expertise to combine procedures for beautiful, natural-looking aesthetic makeovers.

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The Singing Plastic Surgeon


Dr. Vinyard has discovered a distinctive method for comforting his patients before their plastic surgery procedures. Merging his surgical mastery with a deep love for country music, Dr. Vinyard serenades his patients with their favorite country songs as they prepare for surgery. The soothing melody and familiar lyrics foster a tranquil atmosphere, helping patients feel more relaxed. Recognizing the anxiety some patients experience as they go under anesthesia, Dr. Vinyard aims to cultivate a soothing and compassionate atmosphere.

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My goal is to empower my patients through Transformative
that enhance their natural beauty and boost their confidence.

— William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS: Founder

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Real Patient


VIPS is considered the Makeover Destination because we specialize in transformative makeovers encompassing a broad spectrum of cosmetic enhancements. We offer comprehensive solutions from face and body procedures that rejuvenate and sculpt to breast surgeries that enhance and restore. Our expertise extends to skin rejuvenation, post-weight loss transformations, and intimate rejuvenation for vaginal wellness. With Dr. William Vinyard's artistic precision and patient-centric approach, we redefine beauty and confidence through personalized, exceptional results.

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Meet Dr. Vinyard,
the Makeover Master

VIPS Makeovers Skin

Experience transformative beauty with VIPS Skin Makeovers at the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery. Our expert team offers personalized treatments to rejuvenate and enhance your skin's radiance. Discover a new you with advanced skincare techniques and regain confidence in your appearance.

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VIPS Makeovers Skin Real Patient

Real Patient

VIPS Makeovers Face

Elevate your facial allure with VIPS Face Makeovers. Our comprehensive services encompass brow lifts, upper and lower eyelid surgery, facelifts, neck lifts, neck liposuction, and the innovative FACEtite procedure. Unveil a more youthful, refreshed you through expert care and advanced techniques.

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VIPS Makeovers Face Real Patient

Real Patient

VIPS Makeovers Breast

Enjoy confidence and beauty anew with VIPS Breast Makeovers. Dr. Vinyard offer tailored breast augmentation, reduction, lift, and reconstruction procedures. Achieve the silhouette you desire and regain self-assurance through expert care at the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery.

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VIPS Makeovers Breast Real Patient

Real Patient

VIPS Makeovers Body

Unlock your body's potential with VIPS Makeovers for the Body. Dr. Vinyard offer personalized procedures such as liposuction, tummy tucks, body lifts, and sculpting treatments to redefine your contours. Reclaim your confidence and embrace a transformed, revitalized you at the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery.

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VIPS Makeovers Body Real Patient

Real Patient

VIPS Makeovers Mommy

Embrace the ultimate transformation with Mommy Makeovers by Dr. Vinyard, the Makeover Master. Customized procedures restore post-pregnancy bodies, including tummy tucks, breast enhancements, and liposuction. Reclaim your pre-baby beauty and confidence under the expert care of Dr. Vinyard.

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VIPS Makeovers Mommy Makeover Real Patient

Real Patient

VIPS Makeovers Post Major

Celebrate your weight loss journey with Post-Weight Loss Makeovers at VIPS. Our skilled team tailors procedures like body contouring, skin tightening, and excess skin removal to your unique needs. Unveil the stunning results and embrace your transformed, healthier self.

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MakeoverPost Major

VIPS Makeovers Post Major Weight-Loss Real Patient

Real Patient


Dr. Vinyard's office and staff are absolutely amazing! They make you feel so comfortable from beginning to end. I had a Mommy Makeover (tummy tuck and breast lift) and I wouldn’t have trusted anyone but Dr. Vinyard with my body. He made me feel happy in my own baby again. He really is the makeover master! I definitely recommend him to anyone. Thank you!

— T.J.

Highly recommend Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Vinyard is an expert in his field. He is so thorough and dedicated to providing the desired outcome. The staff/team here are incredible. Honestly from start to finish - they are top notch! The extensive OR and clinical experience of the nurses and staff is notable. You will not find experience and dedication like this anywhere else. Trust ...

— M.J.

Dr. William J. Vinyard and the staff at Vinyard Institute of plastic surgery made my experience with decision making and undergoing surgical augmentation of my sagging breast and tummy tuck, comfortable and never pressured! The staff is professional and knowledgeable! I am 63 years young and feeling good about seeing myself in the mirror again! Highly recommend The Vineyard Institute and Dr. Viney...

— L.R.

I had a consultation for a Breast Explant and was so pleased with the staff, facility and Dr. Vinyard's knowledge and confidence in performing the surgery. I am so happy I decided to go with Dr. Vinyard and actually had another surgery 4 months after because I was so pleased with his work & the way his staff made me feel like family. I would 100% recommend VIPS over & over if you're looking for a ...

— D.S.

I had a mommy makeover with Dr. Vinyard and it was absolutely life changing. I haven't felt this confident in my own skin since college! He is a true master of his craft and I am so lucky to have found him! I have also had several treatments done at the MedSpa - Botox, Fillers, CoolPeel, CoolSculpting and Morpheus8 Microneedling on my abdomen for my stretch marks from my twins. Every result was ev...

— B.M.

I have had cool peels IPL and CoolSculpting at VIPS all with positive results for my appearance as well as self esteem. I respect the opinions of everyone at VIPS. They are so honest even when it takes money out of their pockets!! The entire team respect their clients and doesn't try and sell something you don't need or which will not produce the outcome you want.

— J.W.

This whole experience has exceeded my expectations. When it comes to surgery, you want the best. Dr. Vinyard is definitely the best, including his staff! This investment in myself is more than I could have ever imagined. Looking forward to getting to know my new body.

— S.D.

It was a great experience. I felt very comfortable from the start. They were very professional and the process of a mastectomy went very well. Dr. Vinyard and his staff are there for you the whole way. They are in contact with you for the follow ups and you can contact them with any concerns as you heal. The results come out beautifully. Thank you again!

— P.K.

If anyone wants an amazing CoolSculpting experience please check this place out. The staff are amazing! I've had my arms, thighs, back and stomach done and I couldn't be happier with my results! 10/10 highly recommended!

— M.T.

I had both upper and lower eyelid surgery. The first thing that I noticed about the office was how organized they were. The entire office has an excellent grasp of what they're doing and can answer any questions. I am very pleased with the results of the surgery. Dr. Vinyard's entire staff really cares about the people they are treating.

— R.I.

Had an awesome DiamondGlow facial. The staff is so knowledgeable and true chemists on what my skin needs. Fully recommend their services. Love it! Thank you so much!!!

— R.S.

Such a wonderful and caring staff. Dr. Vinyard took the time to understand my desires and cared about my goals. He and the staff were also very informative and kind hearted. He and his staff sang to me going into my operation and it was such a lovely experience and I had such great post op care. I love my results and look forward to loving life in my new body.

— M.K.
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Face Procedures VIPS Plastic Surgery

Dr. Vinyard offers a range of face procedures that harmoniously blend artistry and medical precision. With over a decade of experience, his expertise includes facelifts, eyelid surgery, brow lifts, neck procedures, and more. Dr. Vinyard's approach prioritizes natural-looking results that enhance each patient's unique beauty. Whether rejuvenating aging features or refining facial contours, his commitment to excellence ensures that each procedure is tailored to achieve outstanding, subtle transformations for a refreshed and revitalized appearance.

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Breast Procedures VIPS Plastic Surgery

A distinguished expert in breast makeovers, Dr. Vinyard offers comprehensive solutions for breast augmentation, lift, reduction, and more, using the most advanced techniques to achieve natural-looking, balanced results. Whether you want to enhance your breast size or shape, correct asymmetry, or remove previously placed implants, Dr. Vinyard's artistic approach tailors each breast procedure to your unique goals and desires.

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Real Patient

Body Procedures VIPS Plastic Surgery

With surgical precision, Dr. Vinyard excels in body contouring procedures that restore a sculpted physique. Liposuction, tummy tucks, body lifts, and more at VIPS help patients experience a complete transformation, whether post-pregnancy, post-weight loss, or due to aging or genetics. Dr. Vinyard's artistic touch creates natural-looking results that restore confidence and reflect the patient's unique, innate beauty, delivering a renewed sense of self.

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Real Patient

Vaginal Procedures VIPS Plastic Surgery

Dr. Vinyard is a leading expert in transformative vaginal procedures, including labiaplasty, mons pubis lift, and FEMtite. With over a decade of experience, he skillfully addresses concerns related to aesthetics and comfort in the genital area. Dr. Vinyard uses a personalized approach to ensure patients achieve their desired results, enhancing physical and emotional well-being in this sensitive area.

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Real Patient

Picture Perfection | Skin VIPS Medspa

Discover the ultimate in skincare luxury at the VIPS Medspa, your sanctuary for rejuvenation. Our expert practitioners offer cutting-edge treatments like Skin Resurfacing to reveal smoother, youthful skin. Experience Skin Brightening to achieve a radiant complexion, Skin Tightening for a firmer look, and Skin Purifying to combat imperfections. Additionally, our Scar Refinement procedures erase scars, while our curated line of Skincare Products ensures lasting beauty. Elevate your skincare routine with us and unveil your true radiance.

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Real Patient

Restore Your Natural Beauty | Face VIPS Medspa

Indulge in unparalleled beauty enhancements at the VIPS Medspa. Our specialized treatments include Facial Fat Reduction for a sculpted profile, Dermal Fillers to restore youthful volume, and Facial Wrinkle Correction for a smoother, age-defying appearance. Our skilled practitioners provide tailored solutions, ensuring you leave with the confidence of renewed beauty. Experience the epitome of rejuvenation and self-assurance at the VIPS Medspa, where your unique radiance takes center stage.

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Real Patient

Naturally You | Body VIPS Medspa

At the VIPS Medspa, we redefine beauty and confidence. Our state-of-the-art treatments include Fat Reduction for sculpted contours, Skin Tightening for a youthful look, Vein Removal to restore flawless skin, and Laser Hair Removal for long-lasting smoothness. Our experienced team customizes each procedure to your unique needs, ensuring you feel and look your best. Elevate your self-care routine and reveal a more vibrant, confident you at the VIPS Medspa.

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Real Patient

Vaginal Procedures VIPS Medspa

Elevate your sexual wellness journey at the VIPS MedSpa. Experience transformative treatments like Vaginal Rejuvenation for enhanced intimacy, Urinary Incontinence Improvement for greater confidence, Pelvic Floor Tightening to boost vitality, Labia Skin Tightening for aesthetic satisfaction, and Pubic Fat Reduction for heightened comfort and aesthetics. Our compassionate and expert practitioners ensure a discreet and tailored approach to rejuvenate your intimate well-being, helping you embrace a more fulfilling and confident life.

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