Honoring Trust and Transparency: Navigating Your Financial Investment with VIPS

At Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, we fundamentally prioritize patient trust, embodying this through our transparent pricing model. While our pricing clearly delineates Dr. Vinyard's surgeon's fees, it's pertinent to note that they are exclusive of anesthesia and facility fees. These additional costs inherently depend on the time spent in surgery, which can significantly vary due to Dr. Vinyard’s unique, patient-tailored makeover approach, encompassing an array of procedure combinations that are meticulously crafted to meet individual needs and desires. Thus, while we ensure the utmost clarity in our surgeon's fees, the inclusivity of anesthesia and facility fees cannot be standardized in our estimates due to the bespoke nature of our treatment plans. Your trust is paramount to us, and we commit to guiding you transparently through every financial aspect of your journey with our expertly personalized care.

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Access to Excellence: Balancing Quality and Affordability 

At Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, we navigate the intersection of unparalleled care and financial accessibility with meticulous consideration. While our pricing reflects the profound expertise of Dr. William J. Vinyard and our commitment to exceptional results, we consciously aim for a balance that honors affordability. Our fees may not be the most modest in the area; however, they are meticulously crafted to ensure the superb value, quality, and comprehensive care we provide remain within reach for our patients. In this harmonious blend of excellence and fairness, we firmly believe our pricing stands competitively in the market, aligning exceptional value with adept, personalized care.

Exceptional value for your investment

Ensuring outstanding value for your investment in your aesthetic journey stands paramount at Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery. We engage deeply with our patients, discussing pricing transparently, exploring various financing options, and imparting essential information to empower informed decisions regarding your chosen procedures.

Our pricing model is thoughtfully devised, interweaving numerous components and consistently upholding transparency, while also ensuring our rates remain competitive within the market. At VIPS, our aim is straightforward—to facilitate access to exceptional, patient-centered care, ensuring your investment realizes not just aesthetic aspirations but also embodies genuine value.

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All-Inclusive Pricing Structure

We’re committed to providing an all-inclusive pricing structure to make your journey towards personal transformation as seamless and stress-free as possible. We understand individuals' challenges when encountering unexpected costs and hidden fees during aesthetic ventures, which can lead to unnecessary stress. Our approach offers transparency and simplicity, reflecting our dedication to clarity and trust. This all-inclusive experience is tailored to provide priceless value benefits to our patients.


    • Private Pre-Operative Teaching Session
    • 24/7 Direct Access to VIPS Clinical Provider
    • Unlimited Post-Operative Visits with Dr. Vinyard


    • Customized Makeover Treatment Plan
    • Healing Enhancement Supplement Package
    • Required Post-Operative Compression Garments


    • TouchMD App Subscription
    • Personal Surgical Peri-Operative Guide
    • Unique Makeover Post-Surgical Kit


    • Fixed, Transparent Fees, including Surgeon's, Anesthesia, and Facility
    • VIPS Surgery Center is Quad A Certified
    • CosmetAssure® Insurance provides Procedure Coverage

Our all-inclusive pricing structure covers pre-operative materials, appointments, and essential resources for your recovery, allowing you to focus on your transformation without worrying about unexpected expenses or logistical issues. We are dedicated to ensuring transparency and convenience in every aspect of our approach, emphasizing our patient-first philosophy at the core of the VIPS difference.

CosmetAssure® Advantage

In addition to our comprehensive pricing structure, we also provide the CosmetAssure® Advantage, offering financial protection in case of unexpected post-surgery complications. When you choose a CosmetAssure Participating Surgeon, you take proactive steps to ensure a positive experience and successful outcome following your elective cosmetic surgery. This coverage is automatically provided to all participating surgeons' registered patients undergoing covered procedures, offering additional support and protection. With CosmetAssure, you can have confidence in your financial security and focus on your transformation, knowing that you have peace of mind in every procedure.

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Plastic Surgery

Face Makeovers

  • Brow Lift - starting at $3,500*
  • Blepharoplasty (Upper) - starting at $3,000*
  • Blepharoplasty (Lower) - starting at $3,500*
  • Facelift - starting at $14,000*
  • FACEtite - starting at $5,500*

Breast Makeovers

  • Breast Augmentation - starting at $5,000*
  • Breast Implant Exchange - starting at $5,000*
  • Breast Lift - starting at $6,500*
  • Breast Implant Removal - starting at $7,500*
  • Breast Reduction - starting at $9,500*

Body Makeovers

  • Brachioplasty - starting at $6,500*
  • Abdominoplasty - starting at $8,000*
  • BODYtite/BODYtite 360 - starting at $5,000 per area / starting at $12,500*
  • Liposuction/Lipo 360 - starting at $3,000 per area / starting at $7,500*
  • Thigh Lift - starting at $8,000*
  • Mommy Makeover - starting at $14,000*

*Note stated fees are surgeon’s fees and are not inclusive of facility and anesthesia fees as those are dependent solely on time in surgery which will vary greatly with each makeover case and procedure combinations



  • Skin Resurfacing
    • Deep CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing - starting at $2,999
    • CO2 CoolPeel Laser Skin Resurfacing - starting at $700 per treatment ($2099 pkg of 3)
  • Skin Brightening
    • Elluminate with IPL - starting at $433 per treatment ($1299 pkg of 3)
  • Skin Tightening
    • Morpheus8 RF Microneedling (Face & Neck) - starting at $833 per treatment ($2499 pkg of 3)
  • Skin Purifying
    • DiamondGlow Treatment - starting at $200 per treatment


  • Facial Fat Reduction 
    • CoolSculpting Elite - starting at $500 per treatment cycle
  • Dermal Fillers
    • Juvederm Line of Facial Fillers - starting at $700 per syringe
  • Facial Wrinkle Reduction 
    • Botox Cosmetic - starting at $13/unit


  • Non-Surgical Fat Reduction
    • CoolSculpting Elite - starting at $1,000 per area treated
  • Laser Vein Removal - starting at $335 per 30 min treatment
  • Laser Hair Removal - starting at $50 per area per treatment

Vaginal Makeovers

  • Comprehensive Vaginal Rejuvenation (Urinary Incontinence Improvement, Sexual Wellness) - starting at $1,200 per treatment
  • Pelvic Floor Tightening - starting at $250 per treatment 
  • Labia Skin Tightening - starting at $4,500 
  • Pubic Fat Reduction - starting at $500
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