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As we age, the face shows signs of aging by losing fat in places that make the face appear more youthful and gaining fat in undesirable areas. In addition, gravity causes the skin and the underlying fat to descend. This descent causes wrinkling in the lower portion of the face near the nose and mouth. Injectable fillers are perfect for addressing these concerns by filling up the wrinkle and decreasing the shadowing by facial creases, thus creating a more youthful appearance.

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What are dermal fillers?

When you have visible signs of aging with volume loss and deep wrinkles but do not necessarily have the downtime to devote to a surgical procedure, an injectable filler is a viable alternative. Port Saint Lucie, FL, board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. William Vinyard offers a wide range of filler treatments to help men and women improve the contours of the cheeks, chin, jaw, nasolabial folds (lines from the nose to the mouth), labiomental folds (lines from the corner of the mouth to the chin), lips, and temples. At VIPS, we carry only physician-dispensed injectables that require a prescription.

I had filler injections in my cheeks, lips, and nasolabial folds. The results were amazing! I feel great about how I look, and it looks very natural. The new office is beautiful, and the staff are all very knowledgeable and reassuring. I would definitely recommend Dr. Vinyard!


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The Juvéderm® collection

Dr. Vinyard's filler of choice is Juvéderm in Port Saint Lucie, made with synthetic hyaluronic acid (HA). Juvéderm is designed to increase your natural supply of HA and collagen for supple, fuller skin in the mid and lower face lines by adding volume underneath. The deficits in your skin may occur in the lower part of the face and around the mouth. You can achieve a more youthful, smooth appearance by temporarily softening these lines for 9-18 months. Dr. Vinyard will review your treatment plan and advise you on the best product.

  • Juvéderm XC and Vollure correct moderate to severe wrinkles and lines on the face, like parentheses lines and other wrinkles around the mouth and nose, with results usually lasting for about one year
  • Juvéderm Ultra XC and Volbella add shape to the upper lip, lower lip, or both while correcting the appearance of fine, vertical lines on the lips, with results usually being seen for up to one year
  • Juvéderm Voluma augments the contour of the cheeks to treat flatness in the mid-face
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Radiesse is a popular and FDA-approved dermal filler renowned for providing immediate volume and long-lasting results. Composed of calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres suspended in a gel-like solution, Radiesse is ideal for addressing deep wrinkles and creases, such as nasolabial folds or marionette lines. This versatile filler also stimulates collagen production in the skin, further enhancing its rejuvenating effects. Radiesse treatments are typically quick and relatively comfortable, with no downtime, making it a convenient option for those seeking to restore facial volume and a more youthful appearance. With results lasting up to a year or more, Radiesse is a trusted choice in non-surgical facial rejuvenation.

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Who is a candidate?

The ideal candidates for injectable wrinkle treatments are adults with facial lines and wrinkles they want to fix. If you are over 21 and have naturally thin or age-related volume loss in your lips or cheeks, you can achieve fuller, more shapely lips with lip filler or cheek augmentation. If you are pregnant or nursing, you may not be a candidate for certain fillers, so be sure to inform Dr. Vinyard during your consultation. A personalized treatment plan will be developed based on your needs, cosmetic goals, and medical history.

Dermal filler treatments at VIPS are very fitting if you would like to rejuvenate your appearance without the recovery time and expense of facial cosmetic surgery (like brow lifts, facelifts, eyelid lifts, or lip implants). Results vary from patient to patient. For example, you may see online that a patient could achieve your dream results with just a syringe of filler. Keep in mind that this may not be the same for every patient. While one patient may online require half of a syringe of filler, others could require one full and sometimes even two full syringes.

Your consultation

When you meet with Dr. Vinyard for your consultation, he'll take the time to review your medical history, carefully examine your face, and talk with you about your concerns and what you hope to achieve. After this thorough assessment, he'll create a personalized dermal filler plan tailored specifically to your needs. This plan will detail which areas will be treated and how many sessions may be needed to reach your desired results. To make everything clear and transparent, our patient care coordinator will provide you with a straightforward cost estimate for your procedure.

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What is the technique?

Filler injections, on average, take 15-45 minutes, depending on which areas are being corrected, with lip filler appointments averaging closer to 45 minutes. It is important to avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, Motrin, or other blood thinners, unless taken for medical purposes, before your appointment to prevent bruising. If you have a history of cold sores, please let our office know, as lip injections could increase the risk of recurrence, and preventative medication can be provided. After you consult with Dr. Vinyard, your injection may be performed on the same day, depending on availability.

Your face will be cleaned, and injection spots will be selected. For precision, we will mark your face before administering the injections with a fine needle. For your comfort, Juvéderm's formula has a numbing agent. If requested, the injector can apply an additional numbing cream to ensure the procedure is painless. After your treatment, you can return to your daily routine, but strenuous activity, including exercise, should be avoided for at least 24 hours. You should be careful not to touch your face after treatment to avoid massaging the filler into other areas.

Juvéderm treatments in Port Saint Lucie usually last 9-18 months, depending on the area injected and your metabolism. The body slowly and naturally absorbs the product. At this point, you will be able to notice the wrinkle has returned, although some residual correction may persist. To maximize your results for facial rejuvenation utilizing a non-surgical approach, you may also benefit from BOTOX treatment to address wrinkles in the upper part of the face, such as the forehead, the area between the eyebrows, and around the crow's feet. The combination of injectable filler and BOTOX Cosmetic is called a "liquid facelift."


Lip augmentation is one of the fastest-growing aesthetic procedures. Dr. Vinyard will design a treatment plan to add volume to the lips and fill out any fine lines in the area. Dermal fillers can enhance lip fullness for a plump, natural look while softening the appearance of lip lines.


Hollow, flat cheeks may have been trendy in the 1990s, but today, modern beauty calls for voluminous cheeks that look healthy and youthful. Juvéderm Voluma is designed to address sunken cheeks due to genetics, weight loss, or age by adding contour and lift for a natural-looking cheek augmentation.


Chin dermal fillers enhance chin projection and definition. They add volume to correct recessed or weak chins, creating a balanced facial profile.


For those who lack jawline definition, dermal fillers can sculpt a defined, youthful jaw, improving your jawline contour and even addressing jowls or sagging skin.

Nasolabial folds

Dermal fillers can smooth smile lines (nasolabial folds), restoring a youthful appearance by filling in creases around the mouth.


Temple fillers restore volume to hollowed temples, rejuvenating the upper face and improving overall facial balance.

What to expect

Patients usually experience a noticeable improvement immediately after their facial fillers procedure, but mild swelling or bruising may develop in the treated areas for approximately 7-10 days. Dermal filler results are typically visible for up to one year, with Voluma treatments lasting up to two years. Some patients find that their improvements last longer after multiple years of treatments. It is rare to develop severe or lasting side effects, although if you have questions, concerns, or a reaction, please call VIPS for assistance. The most common side effects are slight redness, irritation, or swelling of the injection site and are generally very minor. During your consultation, ask when to plan your next appointment to build upon or extend the results.

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How much do dermal fillers cost?

Will the treatment be painful?

What is the difference between a dermal filler and a muscle relaxer?

What is hyaluronic acid?

When can I see the results?

How long do the results last?

Is there any downtime needed after treatment?

What are the possible side effects?

Will my results look fake?

How much do dermal fillers cost?

The treatment cost varies based on the amount of filler necessary to achieve your cosmetic goals. The more filler used, the higher the cost of the treatment. Before your injection treatment, a customized treatment plan will be created to fit your aesthetic goals and budget. Once you have consulted with Dr. Vinyard, he will recommend the amount of filler needed to treat your areas of concern. Since the treatment lasts up to one to two years, you should focus on choosing a skilled and experienced injector and avoid anywhere offering extremely cheap or knock-off injections. If you combine dermal fillers with BOTOX to treat the areas around the eyes and the forehead, we will provide a quote for you according to your selection and dosage. Ask about our rewards program if you want to get special savings and earn points on Juvéderm, BOTOX, Radiesse, and other treatments.

Will the treatment be painful?

Though most patients do not find it necessary, an anesthetic can be applied to the treatment area before injection if you are worried about pain. Following treatment, you may experience slight swelling and bruising that usually subside within a week, depending on the treatment area. You should contact our office if you experience significant pain or abnormal side effects after your Juvéderm treatment.

What is the difference between a dermal filler and a muscle relaxer?

There is a significant difference between dermal fillers and muscle relaxers such as BOTOX. Where BOTOX works to relax wrinkles and help prevent future wrinkles, dermal fillers add volume to the face. Juvéderm is ideal for filling deep-set wrinkles, including smile lines, and it is also beneficial for creating fuller lips.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally occurring substance that binds water to cells. Along with other functions, it can secure moisture and create fullness in the skin. Like other Juvéderm fillers, Voluma's main ingredient is a synthetic version of HA. When Voluma's hyaluronic acid-based formula is injected into your skin, it can restore volume to the cheeks and mid-face area. The HA in Voluma also helps your skin hold moisture, so it is softer and healthier than before your treatment.

When can I see the results?

The final results of your Juvéderm treatment may take a few days to appear. Most patients achieve their desired outcome in one treatment session. However, follow-up appointments may be scheduled to add more volume.

How long do the results last?

With optimal treatments, the results of Juvéderm XC last 9-18 months, and the results of Voluma last for up to two years. You should be able to see improvements from your treatment right away, which will continue to develop over the next few weeks. You may need several treatments, especially if you want to build up large amounts of volume in your lips or cheeks. During your consultation, Dr. Vinyard will develop your custom dermal filler treatment plan and discuss how often you should schedule treatments to achieve and sustain your goals.

Is there any downtime needed after treatment?

Following a treatment session, you can return to your normal daily activities. However, it is suggested that strenuous activities, like exercise, be avoided for the first 24 hours after your treatment. Dr. Vinyard will go over post-treatment instructions to ensure your results last and look great. You may want to apply a cold compress to the injection sites to reduce any swelling and bruising. Dr. Vinyard also advises sleeping with your head propped up by a few pillows. You should avoid touching your face to prevent spreading the filler to an unwanted area.

What are the possible side effects?

Most patients experience mild to moderate bruising and swelling at the injection sites for 2-4 weeks after treatment. Other temporary side effects after a filler treatment include tenderness, firmness, lumps, bumps, discomfort, redness, discoloration, and itching. If they occur, the side effects are usually only moderately uncomfortable. If you have any concerns, side effects that last longer than a month, or you develop signs of an infection, please contact us.

Will my results look fake?

Injectable fillers, when performed by a trained and skilled injector, offer gorgeous outcomes for patients. The goal is to achieve a result that looks soft and natural. Juvederm adds volume to depleted areas, fills in lines, diminishes wrinkles, and creates subtle enhancements that significantly improve how our patients look and feel. We pride ourselves on offering expert injections that can take years off a patient's face and add a desirable natural glow.

Why choose the Makeover Master?

The Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery is South Florida's top Makeover Destination. Our VIPS Surgery Center proudly boasts AAAA certification and excels under the expert leadership of Dr. William Vinyard, affectionately known as the "Makeover Master." Dr. Vinyard's impressive accolades include the 2023 Stuart Top Doctor Award and recognition as a 2022 RealSelf Top Doctor.

Beyond his impressive accolades, Dr. Vinyard's artistic approach and compassionate touch set him apart. He goes the extra mile to ease pre-surgery anxiety by serenading patients with their favorite country songs, creating a warm and comforting atmosphere. His dedication to patient well-being, paired with his exceptional skills, defines the Vinyard-VIPS experience.

Dr. Vinyard's unwavering commitment to safety, cutting-edge technologies, and patient-centered care sets a new standard for excellence. With over a decade of experience in transformative cosmetic enhancements, Dr. Vinyard is a trusted authority in the field. Join the Vinyard-VIPS family and savor the consistently celebrated world-class VIPS experience, praised in countless 5-star reviews.

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Give your skin a boost.

If you need more shape in the apples of your cheeks, a lift in your mid-face area, or plumper lips, talk to our board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Vinyard, about rejuvenating your complexion without the recovery time and expense of plastic surgery using injectable dermal fillers. Each dermal filler formula is designed to treat the most typical signs of aging, so plastic surgeon Dr. Vinyard can create a custom treatment plan for your concerns and goals. To regain your radiant, youthful complexion, schedule a consultation at the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery in Port St. Lucie, FL. We welcome patients from Palm Beach, Fort Pierce, and beyond to join the Vinyard-VIPS family. 

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