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Excess tissue in the mons pubis can lead to a protruding or sagging appearance in the pubic region, which may cause discomfort or self-consciousness for some individuals. Our board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr. William Vinyard, uses masterful surgical artistry to reshape and tighten the area so you can achieve a more aesthetically pleasing contour. To discover the benefits of a mons pubis lift (or monsplasty) and determine your candidacy for the procedure, we invite you to schedule a consultation at the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery (VIPS) in Port Saint Lucie, FL.

What Is a Mons Pubis Lift?

Eliminating upper pelvic fat through diet and exercise alone can prove challenging, and conventional methods cannot address concerns about excess skin. That's where monsplasty surgery can help create the desired contours that might otherwise remain elusive. A mons pubis lift is a surgical body contouring procedure designed to address excess skin and fat in the mons pubis area, which is the mound of fatty tissue located over the pubic bone in the lower abdomen. During a physical exam at your consultation appointment, Dr. Vinyard will assess whether excess skin, fat, or a combination of both contribute to the appearance of your pubic area. Considering your individual goals, Dr. Vinyard will provide personalized recommendations for a surgical plan tailored to your needs.

I want to share our experience. From the first call to now, our nine-week post-surgery appointment, we have been treated incredibly. Dr. Vinyard and the entire staff are extremely friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable, making this an amazing experience! I highly recommend it to all.


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Who Is a Candidate?

Candidates for a pubic lift typically include those bothered by excess skin or fat in the mons pubis area. Typical candidates include post-pregnancy women seeking to restore pre-pregnancy appearance, individuals who have undergone significant weight loss, and those with aesthetic concerns or discomfort due to excess tissue. To determine suitability, Dr. Vinyard evaluates your aesthetic concerns, medical history, and overall health, ensuring candidates understand potential risks and benefits. The ideal candidates want to enhance their appearance, address discomfort, or achieve desired body proportions.

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Your Consultation

In your consultation with Dr. Vinyard, you'll have his full attention for 1 to 1.5 hours, providing ample time to openly discuss your thoughts and concerns. This ensures a thorough assessment of your suitability for the labiaplasty procedure. Based on your anatomy and desired outcome, Dr. Vinyard may recommend complementary procedures.

You will discuss your specific monsplasty goals with Dr. Vinyard, giving you an active role in crafting a personalized plan aligned with your vision. Additionally, during this consultation, you'll receive a detailed cost estimate, ensuring complete transparency and clarity concerning the financial aspects of your intimate transformation.

What Is the Technique?

The approach to a mons pubis lift can encompass a variety of techniques tailored to your specific anatomy and the underlying factors contributing to upper pelvic fat. In simple cases, Dr. Vinyard may opt for a brief liposuction procedure to eliminate excess fat in the area, involving only a few discreet incisions artfully placed along the body's natural contours. However, when substantial excess skin is present, a separate incision may be made between the stomach and the mons pubis. Excessive tissue is carefully removed through this incision, and the remaining skin is skillfully tightened. Typically, a monsplasty procedure takes approximately one to two hours to complete under general anesthesia. If you are simultaneously undergoing a tummy tuck, this may extend the surgical duration.

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What to Expect

Following surgery, you will remain in the recovery area until you are fully awake and receive clearance to return home, typically taking about one to two hours. Your caregiver will accompany you home, initiating your recovery on the same day. During this initial period, you might notice some changes in the appearance of your mons pubis, which will continue to evolve in the coming days as any swelling and bruising gradually subside.

Recovery after a monsplasty is generally well-tolerated by patients. Dr. Vinyard will prescribe pain management and infection prevention medications as needed. Most patients can expect to return to work within about a week, although it's important to refrain from strenuous exercise for at least two weeks. Gentle walks are encouraged during the recovery period. 

If you've undergone a concurrent tummy tuck, your recovery instructions will be tailored accordingly, and you should anticipate a more extended recovery period. Specific post-operative guidelines will be provided based on the particulars of your procedure.

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Why Choose the Makeover Master?

Dr. William Vinyard, renowned as the "Makeover Master," is a board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon with over a decade of medical expertise. His unique blend of surgical precision and artistic finesse consistently yields impeccably sculpted results. Dr. Vinyard's compassionate approach extends to serenading patients with soothing country songs before procedures, creating a calming atmosphere. As the Makeover Master, he dedicates each operation to aligning seamlessly with the patient's vision.

Dr. Vinyard empowers patients to regain self-confidence and rekindle their joy through innovative, state-of-the-art techniques and patient-centric care. The collective compassion of the VIPS team, combined with Dr. Vinyard's unparalleled expertise, establishes the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery as the trusted Makeover Destination for cosmetic transformations. His results consistently surpass expectations, ushering in enduring, life-enhancing changes for those embarking on their cosmetic journey with him.

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A Beautifully Sculpted Pubic Area

If you feel uncomfortable with your mons pubis area's size, shape, or skin quality, a mons pubis lift can help you feel more confident in your body and feel more comfortable in your clothing. With the compassion and expertise of cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. William Vinyard, you can openly discuss your concerns and aspirations, enabling him to craft a personalized treatment plan designed just for you. Find out why the VIPS experience shines with hundreds of 5-star reviews. Whether you reside in Palm Beach, Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, or anywhere else in the world, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at VIPS in Port St. Lucie, FL, to discover more about the transformative potential of surgical monsplasty.

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