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Men and women alike can benefit from this transformative surgery, especially if you desire a more toned, contoured abdomen. If you've been considering a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) in Port Saint Lucie, then Dr. William Vinyard at Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery (VIPS) is the board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon you need. Dr. Vinyard is an expert in tummy tuck surgery and is deeply committed to helping patients achieve a sculpted and tightened abdominal profile.

What Is a Tummy Tuck?

An abdominoplasty, commonly known as a tummy tuck in Port Saint Lucie, is an ideal procedure for men and women who diligently follow their diet and exercise regimes but still struggle with a saggy or bulging abdomen. Factors such as post-pregnancy changes, significant weight loss, or the natural aging process can lead to a less-than-desired abdominal appearance. 

Dr. Vinyard's expert technique targets and eliminates sagging skin, unwanted pockets of fat, and stretch marks, predominantly in the lower abdomen. His comprehensive approach also includes repositioning the belly button and mending the rectus abdominal muscles. With his vast expertise in body makeovers, patients who come to Port Saint Lucie, FL, can attain a beautifully redefined stomach area.

Tummy Tuck Before & After

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Who Is a Candidate?

If you are grappling with stubborn loose skin, wrinkles, or pockets of fat around your belly, you might be the perfect candidate for a tummy tuck procedure. Beyond mere aesthetics, a tummy tuck can also address and repair diastasis recti – a condition where the abdominal muscles separate. It's essential to note that while a tummy tuck enhances the abdominal area by eliminating excess skin, it isn't a weight loss solution. Dr. Vinyard always recommends that patients be at or near their ideal weight before surgery. Often, liposuction is combined with the tummy tuck to optimize fat removal. If you find you have good skin elasticity but remain dissatisfied with your abdominal contours, liposuction alone might be a more fitting choice for you.

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Dr. William J. Vinyard and the Vineyard Institute of Plastic Surgery staff are the absolute BEST!! Dr. Vinyard did an amazing job on my tummy tuck and breast argumentation with implants. The staff were amazing and were available anytime I had a question or concern (and I do mean anytime); they always made me feel comfortable and ensured me that the changes I was feeling or happening were all normal. I'm completely obsessed with my new look and LOVE to tell everyone what I had done and who did it…I'm 47 and haven't felt this confident about myself since I was in my teens. Thank you to Dr. William Vinyard and staff for giving me my confidence back.


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Your Personal Consultation With Dr. William Vinyard

When you schedule a consultation with Dr. William Vinyard, you’re securing a dedicated, uninterrupted hour of personal time with one of the top plastic surgeons in the nation. Dr. Vinyard values the importance of this one-on-one interaction, ensuring that each patient receives his full attention without any rush.

During this consultation, Dr. Vinyard takes the time to comprehensively explain the procedure, tailoring the discussion to your specific needs and concerns. He patiently answers all your questions, ensuring that every aspect of the treatment plan is clear and understood. This is your time to explore options, express concerns, and gain insights directly from Dr. Vinyard’s extensive experience. Additionally, our patient care coordinator will provide a detailed tummy tuck quote, tailored based on the individualized treatment plan you and Dr. Vinyard finalize together.

What sets Dr. Vinyard apart from many in his field is his commitment to individualized care. He believes that every patient deserves to leave the consultation feeling fully informed and confident in their personalized treatment plan. This approach reflects Dr. Vinyard’s dedication to patient care and satisfaction, making each consultation a cornerstone of the patient’s journey toward their aesthetic goals.

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What Is the Technique?

Dr. Vinyard is renowned for his proprietary and unique approach to tummy tucks, which consistently delivers exceptional results. Every VIPS tummy tuck procedure emphasizes the meticulous removal of excess skin, fat reduction, and the rectification of the rectus abdominal muscles. When considering abdominoplasty with Dr. Vinyard, several tailored surgical options are aligned with individual needs.

Full Tummy Tuck

Patients with a significant amount of drooping skin might need a full tummy tuck, which requires an incision across the lower abdomen, stretching from hip to hip, situated just above the pubic area. The size and shape of the incision predominantly hinge on the extent of excess skin present in your abdomen. A full tummy tuck also incorporates a mons pubis lift and/or reduction, rectus muscle plication (muscle repair) for diastasis recti repair, and an umbilicoplasty. Dr. Vinyard's patients love and always praise his natural-looking belly buttons. Dr. Vinyard typically does this procedure under general anesthesia as an outpatient operation.

Mini Tummy Tuck

Conversely, a mini tummy tuck might be the optimal choice for those with minimal fat and slack skin around the midsection. Although the surgical incision for a mini tummy tuck is strategically placed in a similar area, it is not as extensive as that of a full tummy tuck. Based on your comfort level, Dr. Vinyard uses general anesthesia or a combination of local anesthesia and sedation for this procedure.

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What to Expect

After undergoing a tummy tuck, you will be monitored and given a compression garment to reduce post-operative swelling. Initially, it may be challenging to stand upright or walk; hence, resting for the first few days is crucial for your tummy tuck recovery. Moving becomes more comfortable as your abdominal muscles adapt and the tummy tuck incision starts to heal. Typically, by the two-week mark, most tummy tuck patients are ready to resume their daily routines gradually.

Engaging in exercise post-tummy tuck is generally advised around the six-week mark or once cleared by Dr. Vinyard. Though you might feel tightness and some discomfort in the midsection post-abdominoplasty, you will soon feel rejuvenated with time and proper care. If your profession requires minimal movement, like desk jobs, you will likely return to work within two weeks post-tummy tuck. However, tasks involving heavy lifting or repetitive movements should be postponed for 4-6 weeks or until swelling has notably diminished.

Any bruising or extensive swelling could indicate overexertion, so caution is essential. By the sixth week, most swelling generally subsides, allowing you to resume most of your activities. You'll see significant results by the third month of your tummy tuck recovery, though tissue softening in the operated area might continue throughout the first year. Tummy tuck scars also tend to improve and fade over two years. Taking the first official post-tummy tuck photos at three months is standard practice.

Choosing Dr. William Vinyard A Leader in Aesthetic Transformation Excellence

Dr. William Vinyard, a distinguished board-certified plastic surgeon, redefines the standards in cosmetic surgery with his innovative and transformative approach to makeovers. His rare fellowship training in cosmetic surgery and groundbreaking ideology distinguishes him as a leader in his field. Globally recognized for his exceptional bedside manner, Dr. Vinyard is celebrated for serenading patients with their chosen song before anesthesia, reflecting his commitment to a patient-first mindset and an elevated experience.

As with all procedures, patient results depend on factors such as the patient's anatomy, genetics, past surgical history, medical history, expectations, and adherence to postoperative instructions.  In addition, there are substantial differences in results created by different surgeons based on the surgeon’s previous experience with the technology, artistic vision, surgical training, and attention to detail in the consultation and procedure processes.

Dr. Vinyard's method goes beyond traditional surgery; it's a personalized, transformative journey. His extensive training and unwavering dedication to excellence guarantee unparalleled results in precision and beauty. Choosing VIPS means embarking on a transformative journey led by a top-tier team under the guidance of a surgeon whose expertise and compassionate care are unmatched. For those pursuing the finest results and experience, VIPS, under Dr. Vinyard's expert advice, is the definitive destination.

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Your Tummy Tuck with Dr. Vinyard

Hear from Dr. Vinyard directly on the benefits of getting a Tummy Tuck and what to expect. 

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How much does a tummy tuck cost?

What type of tummy tuck should I get?

What will my scars look like?

Can I get pregnant after a tummy tuck?

Can I get a tummy tuck with another surgery?

How much does a tummy tuck cost?

Before discussing costs during your consultation, Dr. Vinyard will customize your unique procedure plan based on your specific needs and goals. He can estimate your fees based on the type of tummy tuck selected, what technique will be used, what anesthesia is needed, and more. To ensure you get beautiful results from a skilled plastic surgeon, VIPS offers various payment methods and patient financing through CareCredit, Alphaeon, and PatientFi. We will work very closely with you throughout your aesthetic journey and have a commitment to transparency in our pricing.

What type of tummy tuck should I get?

There are three main types of tummy tucks: full, mini, and extended. In your consultation, Dr. Vinyard will ask about your needs and intentions for cosmetic surgery. Then, he can decide which tummy tuck will give you the best results. A full tummy tuck is good if you want to fix issues in the upper and lower abdomen, while a mini tummy tuck is good if you only have concerns below your belly button, like a “pooch.” An extended tummy tuck is designed to improve the abdomen, hips, and upper thighs.

What will my scars look like?

Incisions for your tummy tuck will depend on which type you are getting. Dr. Vinyard makes the thinnest incisions possible to limit visibility for all tummy tucks. He also makes incisions in hidden areas (in the pubic region or belly button) so a swimsuit or underwear can conceal them. After your surgery, following your scar care instructions is essential so your incision marks heal flat and blend into your natural skin.

Can I get pregnant after a tummy tuck?

While you can get pregnant after a tummy tuck, it will alter your results. Dr. Vinyard recommends that you be done with planned pregnancies and childbirth before considering a tummy tuck. If you do get pregnant after a tummy tuck, a second surgery can be performed to refresh your results.

Can I get a tummy tuck with another surgery?

It is common for a patient to have a combination of skin-tightening surgeries with a tummy tuck to see more dramatic improvements. During your consultation with Dr. Vinyard, discuss your concerns so he can develop a personalized treatment plan to achieve your goals. You may combine a tummy tuck with a thigh lift for a lower body lift or several areas for body contouring. If you are trying to improve your body after pregnancy or losing a significant amount of weight, you may be an ideal candidate for a mommy makeover or after weight loss surgery.

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Why Choose VIPS?

At VIPS, led by the renowned "Makeover Master" Dr. William Vinyard, the art of transformation is elevated. Dr. Vinyard uniquely combines surgical precision with artistic flair. His holistic approach extends to pre-procedure serenades with patients' favorite country songs, reflecting his compassionate approach to patient care. Dedication to safety, innovation, cutting-edge technologies, and patient-centered care defines his practice. With 12+ years of medical experience, Dr. Vinyard is a revered name in cosmetic enhancements. Join the Vinyard-VIPS family and experience the consistently acclaimed world-class VIPS experience that sparks numerous 5-star reviews.

For a Tighter, Toned Tummy

Many factors can lead to a stretched-out tummy that creates hanging and wrinkled skin. We know it can be almost impossible to correct. Tummy tuck surgery is generally the key to overcoming loose abdominal skin. If you are bothered by the stretched-out skin in your abdomen, whether significant or not, skin tightening surgery by Dr. Vinyard in Port Saint Lucie, FL, can help you get the tight and toned look you want. We proudly serve patients from Vero Beach, Palm Beach, Fort Pierce, and beyond. Contact VIPS today to schedule your consultation and learn more about why VIPS has hundreds of 5-star reviews from satisfied patients.

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  • Recovery time: 2-3 weeks
  • Average procedure time: 4 hours
  • Post-op follow-ups: 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 6 weeks and 12 weeks 
  • Procedure recovery location: Outpatient
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