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Outstanding advancements in breast lift surgery have made it so effective and successful that new stats by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show nearly a 70% increase in demand since 2000. Dr. William Vinyard, our board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon in Port Saint Lucie, FL, offers this procedure at the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery (VIPS) using the latest techniques based on the level of sag present to achieve your desired result.

What is a breast lift?

Mastopexy (a breast lift) is a cosmetic treatment that lifts and tightens the breasts by trimming excess skin and surgically tightening the healthy tissue, resulting in a firmer, younger appearance. The goal of a mastopexy is to correct the ptosis (drooping) of the breast that occurs over time, causing your breasts to appear longer, wider, lower, and less projecting. A breast lift is designed to reshape the breast into a more youthful form by creating more breast projection, narrowing the breast, and elevating the breast on the chest wall. It can also correct breast asymmetries. 

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I had the best experience... I am absolutely thrilled with the results of my breast lift and augmentation. I cannot say enough about how wonderful Dr. Vineyard is. He is so caring and compassionate. He spent a lot of time with me regarding my concerns, answered every question I had. I will refer all my friends to him.


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Who is a candidate?

Some patients walk into our VIPS office thinking they want breast implants to fill in the lost volume. However, after a physical exam with Dr. Vinyard, they realize that a cosmetic breast lift surgery could provide a better outcome. Dr. Vinyard will determine your candidacy during your consultation and discuss the reasoning in detail. He uses imaging to help you visualize your options in real time on high-definition monitors in our private consultation room.

If your breasts have lost significant elasticity, you typically need skin removal and tightening surgery to correct skin irregularities and bring the breasts to a perkier position. If your nipples point downward and your breasts sag significantly below the breast fold, a mastopexy (breast lift) can improve your appearance. Ideally, candidates considering a breast lift will be physically healthy and at a stable weight. 

While additional volume with implants may be wanted, a surgical lift may be all you need to add the desired fullness and shape. Please allow 1-1.5 hours for your breast lift consultation with Dr. Vinyard. This is a vital part of your journey and can be considered time that you dedicate to yourself. Dr. Vinyard appreciates your time spent in consultation with each patient and the conversation that happens during your visit here.

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What is the technique?

Breast lift surgery usually takes 2-4 hours and is performed while the patient is under general anesthesia. The timeframe of this treatment depends on the nature of breast size and sagging. The method used for a breast lift generally falls into two categories based on the size, location, and nature of the incision. The vertical incision (lollipop approach) is Dr. Vinyard's preferred technique. 

Quite frequently, the incision for a breast lift is made in a lollipop fashion around the nipple with a vertical incision below the nipple. Patients are typically concerned about having scars on their breasts. However, once you view before-and-after images, you will see that they usually fade to a thin, white line that is not noticeable unless closely observed. The new, improved shape of the breasts becomes the focus of your attention. 

Once the loose, aged skin is excised along with breast tissue and unwanted fat, the skin will then be pulled tight, and the nipple/areola complex will be positioned higher and lifted to look healthier and younger. In many cases, the size and shape of the areola are reconstructed and reduced to match the new placement and shape of the breast. If you and Dr. Vinyard decide that a breast implant, in addition to the lift, would provide greater breast volume and fullness, he will insert the implant at this point. After the last suture is closed, you will be transported to our recovery room until discharge. You will return to the comfort of your own home the night of surgery unless you combine your breast lift with an abdominoplasty to have a mommy makeover. After surgery, you will be fitted with a support bra to diminish swelling. A thin tube will also be placed near the location of the incision to assist with excess fluid leakage that can sometimes occur after mastopexy treatment.

Why choose Dr. William Vinyard?

Dr. William Vinyard, a renowned plastic surgeon, employs an innovative approach to calm patients' pre-surgery nerves. Infusing his surgical expertise with a love for country music, he serenades patients to sleep with their favorite country tunes before their procedures. Recognizing the therapeutic influence of music in reducing stress, Dr. Vinyard curates a soothing ambiance. With over 12 years of practice, his exceptional proficiency and compassionate demeanor define the VIPS experience. As the ultimate "Makeover Master," Dr. Vineyard not only delivers finely crafted results but also provides a reassuring journey for those who entrust their cosmetic transformations to his care.

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What to expect

Most patients are ready to return to sedentary work in one week following surgery. You must avoid repetitive motions and heavy lifting for three weeks after surgery, as this can cause unwanted complications. You can resume all regular activities within six weeks after your procedure.

Recovery from a breast lift is more lengthy than surgery with implants only. You will be very close to your end result six weeks following your mastopexy or mastopexy augmentation. However, the breast will continue to change over three months postoperatively, and you will notice that the lower part softens and rounds to reveal a beautiful, youthful breast.

Dr. Vinyard employs the superior pedicle approach to mastopexy and mastopexy augmentation to create more fullness in the upper portion of the breast. Gravity is always present and hard at work to try and return your breasts to the pre-surgical "droopy" position. Dr. Vinyard's approach to breast lifts takes this into consideration and provides you with a longer-lasting lifted appearance to the breast.

Post-surgical swelling usually goes away within about a week, with the majority of the swelling resolving in six weeks. We will take your first official "after" photos at your three-month post-op follow-up appointment. Dr. Vinyard or a member of his team will provide in-depth, at-home incision care instructions to help with your healing process. Results following a breast lift surgery are noticeable after several months as your newly shaped breasts take their new position.

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How much does a breast lift cost?

Do I need a breast lift or breast implants?

Will my nipples be moved?

How long will my results last?

Can a breast lift fix asymmetry?

Can I combine a breast lift with other procedures?

How much does a breast lift cost?

In your initial consultation, Dr. Vinyard will listen to your needs and goals before developing your unique treatment plan. After that, he can estimate your costs. When done well, a breast lift can significantly improve your physical appearance, so it's important to focus on having an experienced surgeon with extensive training, like Dr. Vinyard, over costs. To help make surgery easier to afford, VIPS can help you find low-interest financing through CareCredit. The cost for your mastopexy or mastopexy augmentation will include Dr. Vinyard's professional fee, facility fee, anesthesia fee, surgical brassiere, initial consultation with Dr. Vinyard, and all pre and post-operative visits. You will meet with the patient care coordinator, who will explain your breast lift fees. This quote is based on the plan you and Dr. Vinyard have decided upon together.

Do I need a breast lift or breast implants?

Whether you should get a breast lift, implants, or both will depend on your specific goals. In many patients, a breast lift can improve the shape and fullness of the breasts without implants. Dr. Vinyard will assess your physical condition and listen to your goals in your consultation, then decide whether you should get a lift, implants, or a breast augmentation with a lift.

Will my nipples be moved?

Generally, the nipple/areola complex will be shifted up during the breast lift. If your areolas are overly large or stretched, Dr. Vinyard can include an areola reduction during surgery. This can be discussed during your consultation so he can decide on the best incision pattern and technique to use during your breast lift.

How long will my results last?

With proper care after surgery, your results should last for many years. Your breasts will continue to age normally, so you could begin to see sagging and loose skin over time. Factors like significant weight gain or loss can alter your results, so it's best to maintain a stable weight after your breast lift. Pregnancy or breastfeeding after a breast lift can also affect your results, which is why Dr. Vinyard recommends patients wait until they are done having children to get a breast lift.

Can a breast lift fix asymmetry?

A lift can improve asymmetry in your breasts if they are different in size, firmness, or varying degrees of sagging. Dr. Vinyard will assess your breasts' physical condition and appearance during your consultation and discuss how a breast lift can help you. During your surgery, he will shape the tissue so your breasts are equal in size and position for symmetry.

Can I combine a breast lift with other procedures?

Yes. A mastopexy is commonly combined with a breast augmentation in which breast implants are utilized to provide a fuller, more rounded appearance to the breast. This may be performed during the same procedure or as separate or “staged” procedures. In addition, a breast lift (with or without the addition of implants) can be combined with an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) or liposuction to have a mommy makeover.

Uplift your breasts and elevate your joy.

Surgical breastlifting has transformed the lives of many women, just like you, from Port Saint Lucie, Palm Beach, Fort Pierce, and beyond. If you face hanging, sagging breasts that get in the way of everyday activities or stop you from sporting the clothing styles you desire, a breast lift at VIPS may be the right surgery for you. We encourage you to contact VIPS and schedule a consultation today to start your journey to having the silhouette of your dreams.

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  • Recovery time: 1 week
  • Average procedure time: 3-4 hours
  • Post-op follow-up: 1-3 days
  • Procedure recovery location: Outpatient
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