Overseeing Operations

A bright, beautiful, kind, and essential member of our team, Gina oversees the operations to ensure that every VIPS staff member has everything they need to meet and exceed our patients' expectations.

Warm and Welcoming

Gina takes immense pride in cultivating an inviting and welcoming office environment for our esteemed staff and cherished patients in Port Saint Lucie, FL. With her exceptional communication skills, our patients and staff find her approachable and attentive. She is easy to speak to, a great listener, and has helped create the Vinyard VIPS family environment. Her unwavering commitment to respecting our patients' time and ensuring top-notch medical care underscores her dedication to excellence. Tasked with upholding our office's highest standards of care, Gina's adept multitasking abilities ensure the seamless flow of operations at VIPS, contributing to an efficient and well-organized environment.

Leadership & Kindness

Gina Vinyard is not merely the practice administrator at VIPS but the very glue that binds our team and ensures the seamless operation of the practice. With a warm, welcoming smile that immediately puts patients and staff at ease, Gina orchestrates the symphony of our daily operations, ensuring that every aspect of the practice, from patient care to administration, functions harmoniously. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures that no element of the practice is overlooked, from ensuring appointments run on time to managing staff schedules, handling finances, and maintaining an atmosphere of positivity and encouragement. Her inspiring leadership is felt throughout VIPS, as she navigates through the intricacies of healthcare management with grace and efficacy, always placing patients and their experiences at the forefront of every decision. As Dr. Vinyard's wife and business partner, she brings a personal and invested approach to the practice, ensuring that the environment is not only professional but also familial and caring. Her initiatives and steadfast resolve have been pivotal in sculpting VIPS into a sanctuary where patients feel valued and cared for, and where our team can thrive under her supportive and motivational leadership.

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