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The Conditions for Candidacy outlined below were developed by Dr. Vinyard to ensure that our patients are fully prepared for their transformative journey with Dr. Vinyard. Each condition reflects a deep commitment to personal growth, realistic expectations, and a harmonious doctor-patient relationship, setting the stage for a successful and fulfilling transformation.

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Desire for Holistic Change

Recognize that the change you're seeking will influence every aspect of your life. This journey is about a comprehensive, holistic transformation, not just a procedural change.

Ask yourself: Am I ready for the positive changes that this holistic transformation will have on all areas of my life?

Commitment to Self

Embarking on this transformation may require an unfamiliar and possibly uncomfortable level of commitment to yourself. Investing time, energy, and resources into your personal journey can feel daunting and even self-indulgent at first. However, this is a crucial step towards embracing a holistic approach to self-improvement and well-being.

Ask yourself: Am I ready to step out of my comfort zone and invest in myself in ways I might not be used to, understanding the deep value and long-term benefits of this transformative journey?

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Embracing Realistic Expectations

It’s crucial to have expectations that are aligned with a natural enhancement of your own features. Dr. Vinyard's expertise lies in accentuating your inherent beauty, not in creating an unnatural or "manufactured" appearance.

Ask yourself: Do my expectations involve looking like a better version of myself, rather than expecting to look like someone else entirely?

Understanding Limitations

Recognizing and accepting the boundaries of what can be achieved is vital. Results and treatment options can vary based on individual factors like age, anatomy, genetics, and medical and social history.

Ask yourself: Do I understand and accept that my individual characteristics influence the results and options available to me?

Belief in Your Customized Treatment Plan

A fundamental element of this journey is having faith in the customized treatment plan created for you. Trusting the process and the expertise behind your transformation is crucial. It requires a mindset that embraces change and trusts in Dr. Vinyard’s vision and skill to bring about the best results.

Ask yourself: Do I have the confidence and trust in Dr. Vinyard's customized treatment plan for me, fully committing to and believing in the process of my transformation?

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Commitment to the Process

To ensure the best possible outcomes from your transformation, it's crucial to follow Dr. Vinyard's preoperative and postoperative instructions closely and attend all scheduled post-op and follow-up appointments. These steps are vital in preserving the integrity of your results and facilitating a smooth, successful recovery.

Ask yourself: Am I fully committed to adhering to Dr. Vinyard’s guidance, attending all necessary appointments, and following every instruction to safeguard the quality and longevity of my transformation results?

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Acceptance of Exclusive Availability

Dr. Vinyard's thorough and personalized approach means only a limited number of patients can be accommodated. Understanding and respecting this exclusivity is important.

Ask yourself: Do I understand the exclusive nature of Dr. Vinyard's practice and am I prepared for the waiting period that may be involved?

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Confirming Medical Fitness

Partnering with your primary physician, relevant specialists, and Dr. Vinyard's team to obtain medical clearances is a critical step. It's a collaborative effort to confirm your health status, guaranteeing your safety and the best possible outcomes.

Ask yourself: Am I committed to collaborating with my healthcare providers and Dr. Vinyard's team to secure all necessary medical clearances, ensuring I am an ideal candidate for this transformative journey?

Commitment to Long-Term Transformation

Your aesthetic transformation is an ongoing journey. Adherence to lifestyle choices and maintenance treatments and recommendations is crucial for sustaining the results of your makeover(s)

Ask yourself: Am I ready to commit to the necessary lifestyle changes and maintenance treatments to enhance and preserve the results of my transformation?

Willingness to Build a Meaningful Professional Relationship

Central to your transformation is the development of a meaningful, professional relationship with Dr. Vinyard and his team. This relationship is key to ensuring an experience that is not only transformative in a physical sense but also supportive and enriching. Open communication, mutual respect, and trust form the foundation of this relationship, empowering you to actively participate in and contribute to the journey. Your willingness to connect, share, and engage with our team is vital in crafting an experience that truly reflects your aspirations and ensures the best possible outcomes.

Ask Yourself: Am I ready and willing to build a trusting and open professional relationship with Dr. Vinyard and his team, understanding how vital this is to achieving the best experience and outcomes from my transformation journey?

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Foundations of Transformation

As you consider these steps, remember that your journey with Dr. Vinyard goes beyond just immediate results; it's about establishing a stable foundation of essential building blocks to ensure that your transformative journey is a success and supported by a lasting, genuine relationship. This process is a journey of personal and aesthetic growth, tailored specifically to your individual needs and aspirations. Dr. Vinyard and his team are dedicated to guiding you every step of the way, ensuring your transformation experience is fulfilling and aligned with your unique vision. With their expertise and your commitment, you’re set to begin an exciting new chapter where your desired changes become a beautiful, living reality, opening the door to renewed confidence and self-assurance.

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