BODYtite/BODYtite360 A Key Component in Dr. Vinyard's Body Makeovers

At VIPS, we redefine aesthetic enhancement by integrating BODYtite by InMode into our suite of services, particularly as a pivotal tool in our "body makeovers." While liposuction has been a fundamental technique in body contouring, BODYtite elevates this traditional method by combining liposuction with cutting-edge radiofrequency (RF) technology. This innovative approach removes unwanted fat, significantly benefits skin tightening, and improves sculpting, essential elements of a comprehensive body makeover.

The Role of BODYtite in Body Makeovers

Treatment highlights:

  • Minimally Invasive Fat Removal
  • Skin Tightening with Advanced Radiofrequency Technology
  • Individualized Body Contouring Ability 

BODYtite is a minimally invasive procedure that leverages RF-assisted lipolysis. It involves a small cannula inserted under the skin, emitting RF energy to liquefy fat, which is then gently suctioned out. This process allows for improved sculpting and smoother results. The RF energy also promotes collagen production, leading to progressive skin tightening, which is crucial for the comprehensive results expected in a body makeover.

Dr. Vinyard's preference for utilizing BODYtite in his body makeovers stems from its ability to enhance traditional liposuction results. Unlike standard liposuction, which primarily focuses on removing fat and often results in uneven contours and bumps, BODYtite revolutionizes this process. It employs advanced RF technology to melt the fat, allowing for a more thorough and consistent removal. This melting process facilitates the extraction of more fat and contributes to a smoother, more uniform contouring of the treated areas.

The BODYtite technology goes a step further by addressing the common issue of skin laxity that often accompanies traditional liposuction. The RF energy simultaneously tightens the skin, complementing the fat-removal process. This dual action of melting fat for more effective removal and skin tightening enables Dr. Vinyard to sculpt the body with precision and finesse that traditional liposuction alone cannot achieve. As a result, BODYtite becomes a critical component in body makeovers, allowing for transformative results that are both visually striking and consistent.

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Benefits and Candidacy

BODYtite is ideal for contouring areas of the body such as the following:

  • abdomen
  • waist
  • thighs
  • hips
  • back
  • flanks/love handles
  • arms
  • knees

With smaller incisions and shorter recovery times than traditional surgery, it's a popular choice for those seeking less invasive body sculpting and skin-tightening solutions.

Ideal candidates for BODYtite, especially as part of a body makeover, are those looking to address stubborn fat deposits while also seeking enhancements in body contouring and skin firmness. This procedure is particularly suited for individuals near their ideal weight but facing changes in areas resistant to diet and exercise. BODYtite is a cornerstone in Dr. Vinyard's body makeovers, offering a harmonious blend of contouring and rejuvenation.

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What Is the Technique?

BODYtite is usually performed with local anesthesia, but general anesthesia may be used if you are nervous or have several areas treated. The specially designed BODYtite applicator is inserted through minimal incisions in your skin. BODYtite has an internal and external thermometer that will protect you from burns. The applicator will loosen and liquefy the fat with radiofrequency waves so the fat can be easily suctioned out of your body. The heat during the fat removal will tighten your skin and connective tissue for instant skin contraction. BODYtite treatments typically take about 30-45 minutes per area treated. Dr. Vinyard may recommend multiple sessions to deliver your best results.

BODYtite Recovery and Downtime

Another BODYtite advantage is its minimal downtime. Most patients can resume their routine activities within a few days. Although some discomfort, swelling, and bruising may occur, these are typically mild and transient. Dr. Vinyard's team provides comprehensive post-procedure care, ensuring smooth recovery, and patients can quickly enjoy the results of their body makeover.

BODYtite is not just a procedure; it's a transformative step in the journey towards a complete body makeover. Under Dr. Vinyard's expert care, BODYtite becomes a key component in achieving the desired aesthetic goals of a body makeover, blending fat reduction with advanced body sculpting techniques.

Complimenting BODYtite with AccuTite

InMode's ACCUtite is a small handheld system used to address specific problem areas on the body. The device's size enables greater control and precision to achieve the most stunning and natural-looking results possible. ACCUtite delivers RF-assisted lipolysis like the BODYtite system but on a smaller scale for focused target areas. The results provide leaner-looking contours for an overall sculpted shape.

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More About AccuTite

Learn more about AccuTite and what to expect from the procedure. 

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Fabulous experience. Dr. Vinyard is amazing! My BODYtite procedure was fantastic. Having the procedure done in the office was so much better than doing it at an outpatient hospital. It is extremely tolerable and very exciting that you can see immediate results. I couldn’t be happier! Dr. Vinyard is very meticulous and an artist at what he does. He’s exactly what you want in a plastic surgeon.


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Choosing Dr. William Vinyard A Leader in Aesthetic Transformation Excellence

Dr. William Vinyard, a distinguished board-certified plastic surgeon, redefines the standards in cosmetic surgery with his innovative and transformative approach to makeovers. His rare fellowship training in cosmetic surgery and groundbreaking ideology distinguishes him as a leader in his field. Globally recognized for his exceptional bedside manner, Dr. Vinyard is globally celebrated for serenading patients with their chosen song before anesthesia, reflecting his commitment to a patient-first mindset and an elevated experience.

As with all procedures, patient results depend on factors such as the patient's anatomy, genetics, past surgical history, medical history, expectations, and adherence to postoperative instructions.  In addition, there are substantial differences in results created by different surgeons based on the surgeon’s previous experience with the technology, artistic vision, surgical training, and attention to detail in the consultation and procedure processes.

Dr. Vinyard's method goes beyond traditional surgery; it's a personalized, transformative journey. His extensive training and unwavering dedication to excellence guarantee unparalleled results in precision and beauty. Choosing VIPS means embarking on a transformative journey led by a top-tier team under the guidance of a surgeon whose expertise and compassionate care are unmatched. For those pursuing the finest results and experience, VIPS, under Dr. Vinyard's expert advice, is the definitive destination.

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Your Personal Consultation with Dr. William Vinyard

When you schedule a consultation with Dr. William Vinyard, you're securing a dedicated, uninterrupted hour of personal time with one of the top plastic surgeons in the nation. Dr. Vinyard values the importance of this one-on-one interaction, ensuring that each patient receives his full attention without any rush.

During this consultation, Dr. Vinyard takes the time to explain the procedure comprehensively, tailoring the discussion to your specific needs and concerns. 

He patiently answers all your questions, ensuring that every aspect of the treatment plan is clear and understood. This is your time to explore options, express concerns, and gain insights directly from Dr. Vinyard's extensive experience.

His commitment to individualized care sets Dr. Vinyard apart from many in his field. He believes every patient deserves to leave the consultation feeling fully informed and confident in their personalized treatment plan. This approach reflects Dr. Vinyard's dedication to patient care and satisfaction, making each consultation a cornerstone of the patient's journey toward their aesthetic goals.

More About BODYtite with Dr. Vinyard

Hear from Dr. Vinyard directly on the benefits of BODYtite and what to expect. 

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Plan Your Procedure

  • Procedure Time: 2-6 hours, depending on the number of areas being treated
  • Post-Op Follow-Up: 7-10 days, three weeks, six weeks & 12 weeks
  • Recovery Time: 1-3 weeks, with a compression garment for up to six weeks to reduce swelling

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