Improving Your Breast Shape

Embracing your body's natural beauty, breast liposuction at the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery (VIPS) is used in conjunction with breast reduction surgery or as a minimally invasive alternative for subtle improvements. Dr. William Vinyard is known as the Makeover Master because of his surgical skill in crafting extraordinary aesthetic transformations that go above and beyond patients' desired outcomes.

What Is Breast Liposuction?

Breast liposuction addresses excess fat while preserving breast tissue. This innovative technique yields subtle improvements in shape, symmetry, and proportion, resulting in a harmonious and balanced outcome. As an alternative to traditional breast reduction, it ensures a less invasive experience, minimal scarring, and a quicker recovery. 

Breast liposuction is often used in conjunction with traditional breast reduction to refine and enhance the overall outcome. Excess glandular tissue, skin, and fat are removed during a breast reduction procedure to reduce breast size and alleviate discomfort. However, breast liposuction can be applied to further sculpt and contour the breast, ensuring a balanced and proportional result.

Who Is a Candidate?

Breast liposuction is ideal for individuals who wish to refine their breast contours and achieve a more harmonious silhouette. Candidates typically have good skin elasticity and relatively small to moderate breast size. When used in conjunction with a breast reduction, ideal candidates desire a smaller breast size, improved breast shape, and relief from physical discomfort while preserving a proportionate and natural appearance.

Ideal candidates typically have excess fat deposits in the breasts that can be effectively addressed with liposuction. Some may experience symptoms like neck and back pain, shoulder grooving from bra straps, and skin irritation. During a personalized consultation,  Dr. William Vinyard will assess your unique case to determine if this procedure aligns with your aesthetic goals.

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Your Consultation

Dr. Vinyard takes 1-1.5 hours for a private consultation with each patient, prioritizing your vision and concerns. During this time, he evaluates your candidacy, listens to your goals for your breasts, and educates you about the procedure.

Your consultation is a collaborative journey where Dr. Vinyard's expertise and your desires shape the best treatment plan. The cost of your procedure is structured around the plan you and Dr. Vinyard delineate together.

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What Is the Technique?

Breast liposuction involves gently removing excess fat from the breasts through small incisions strategically placed around the breast area. Dr. Vinyard uses a thin cannula to carefully suction out the fat, sculpting the breasts for improved contour and symmetry. This precise technique is performed under anesthesia and aims to achieve balanced, natural-looking results. The procedure is minimally invasive, with minimal scarring and a relatively quick recovery. However, it's essential to consult with an experienced surgeon like Dr. Vinyard to determine if breast liposuction is suitable for your specific needs.

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What to Expect

Following the procedure, you may experience some swelling, bruising, and discomfort in the treated areas. This is a normal part of the healing process and can be managed with prescribed pain medication and wearing a supportive compression garment. Dr. Vinyard ensures thorough post-operative instructions, and his team is readily available for any concerns. 

Most patients can gradually return to light activities after 1-2 weeks, but strenuous exercises and heavy lifting should still be avoided. After 4-6 weeks of healing, you can gradually resume more strenuous activities, but listen to your body and avoid any activities that cause discomfort. Over the next few months, your breasts will continue to settle into their final shape, and any residual swelling should fully resolve. Incision lines will also continue to fade, although they may take up to a year to become less noticeable. As the one-year mark approaches, your breasts will have fully healed, and you'll be able to enjoy the final results of your breast liposuction procedure.

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Why Choose VIPS?

The Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery is South Florida's Makeover Destination, with our VIPS Surgery Center certified by AAAA and guided by the esteemed "Makeover Master," Dr. William Vinyard. Dr. Vinyard has been honored with the Stuart Top Doctor Award 2023 by Stuart Magazine and recognized as a RealSelf Top Doctor 2022. His exceptional expertise in breast makeovers lies in seamlessly blending surgical precision with an artistic sensibility. Dr. Vinyard's approach is all-encompassing, even serenading patients with their favorite country songs before procedures to create an atmosphere of comfort and care. His steadfast commitment to safety, pioneering technologies, innovation, and patient-centered care sets an elevated standard. With over a decade of experience changing lives, Dr. Vinyard is a revered name in cosmetic enhancements. Join the Vinyard-VIPS family and experience the consistently acclaimed world-class VIPS experience that brings hundreds of patients to leave 5-star reviews.

Reshape Your Breasts and Enhance Your Silhouette.

Join us at our Port Saint Lucie, FL office to feel instantly at ease as you embark on your breast liposuction journey. Dr. Vinyard's friendly demeanor and show-stopping country ballads bring patients from Palm Beach, Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, and beyond. Take the first step towards renewed confidence and an enhanced silhouette. Schedule a consultation today to experience the transformative artistry of the Makeover Master.

The VIPS Difference

  • International Recognition: Artistry, Compassion and Skills
  • Revolutionary Approach: Customized Makeovers
  • Excellence Multiplied: A Team of Aesthetic Experts Mentored by The Makeover Master
  • Signature Medspa: Exceptional Treatments & Elite Products
  • Quad A Distinction: Luxury Private Surgery Center
  • Coveted VIPS Experience: Quality, Comfort & Real Connections
  • Expect the Exceptional: Consistently Redefining ‘Exceeding Expectations’
  • Beyond a Single Procedure: Crafting Lifelong Aesthetic Relationships
  • Exclusive Access: Why Our Unique Process Requires Patient Selection

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