Talented and Detail-Oriented

Mary Louise has been assisting Dr. Vinyard in surgery since 2014. Together, they have helped hundreds of patients achieve their desired results. She is incredibly talented and is familiar with every detail of Dr. Vinyard’s signature procedures.

A Natural Leader

Drawing from her extensive background as a surgical first assistant and a former director of a prominent hospital operating room, Mary Louise brings a wealth of knowledge to our surgical team. Her meticulous organization and leadership abilities streamline the surgical process, enhancing overall efficiency and ensuring the utmost precision in each procedure. As the orchestrator of Dr. Vinyard's operative team, Mary Louise's role is pivotal in maintaining a harmonious workflow. By expertly managing operational logistics, she allows Dr. Vinyard to concentrate fully on the intricate details essential for achieving his renowned signature results.

Experience, Skill & Empathy

As Dr. Vinyard’s first assistant in nearly every surgical case, Mary Louise embodies meticulous precision and excellence in technique, which has been honed under the direct tutelage of Dr. Vinyard himself. It's this marriage of expertise and consistent high-quality care that has made her an indispensable member of our surgical team. But beyond her technical prowess, Mary Louise is a beacon of wit and warmth, bringing a light-hearted yet deeply caring energy to our practice that is cherished by both colleagues and patients alike. Her interactions with our patients go beyond mere clinical care—she forms bonds, offers a comforting presence, and often lights up the surgical experience with her genuine and engaging demeanor. Managing the VIPS Surgery Center with a perfect blend of stringent oversight and heartfelt leadership, Mary Louise ensures that operations run like a tight ship, where excellence and compassion sail together seamlessly. Her ability to juggle administrative duties while maintaining a patient-centered approach speaks volumes of her commitment and versatility. Mary Louise doesn’t just assist in surgeries; she crafts experiences, builds relationships, and epitomizes the spirit of VIPS, where every patient is treated with unparalleled care and benevolence.

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