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It is no wonder why breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed nationwide. The results of this transformative procedure can be life-changing by not only enhancing a woman’s physical appearance but also by improving her self-confidence. However, it is extremely important for those considering breast augmentation to be well-educated in advance of undergoing surgery.

Having earned a prestigious aesthetic and breast surgery fellowship, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. William Vinyard of the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery is regarded as an expert in the field. Given his vast training and experience, Dr. Vinyard answers some of the top questions about breast augmentation among Port St. Lucie, FL patients.

What type of breast implants should I get?

This is probably the most common question when it comes to breast augmentation for Port St. Lucie, FL patients. Saline implants, which are filled with a sterile saltwater solution, are approved for use in patients age 18 and older. Meanwhile, silicone implants are lauded for their natural breast feel. Filled with a silicone gel, they are approved for patients age 22 and older. Similarly, teardrop-shaped gummy bear implants contain silicone but feel firmer than traditional silicone implants. They are favored for their ability to retain their shape in the event of a rupture. For patients who prefer not to rely on implants as part of their augmentation, fat may be grafted (or transferred) from other areas of the body and injected into the breasts to boost their shape and size.

What size is right for me?

For women in Port St. Lucie, FL, breast augmentation is a highly customizable procedure. The size of implants that are selected should be carefully considered since it can affect the results that may be achieved. A woman’s body type, as well as her current chest size, height, and weight, must be taken into account during your consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. William Vinyard of the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery. He works closely with patients to determine what size and type of implant will work best to meet a woman’s lifestyle and aesthetic needs and desires. When it comes to implants, larger isn’t necessarily better. When women are over-augmented, the breast tissue can move toward the outside of the body (called lateralization). This may result in a distorted appearance and cause the breasts to look too large for the body.

Will my cleavage be improved with implants?

It is a common misconception that breast implants dramatically enhance a woman’s cleavage. In fact, the enhancement of the cleavage depends on several factors, including the diameter and shape of the breasts before surgery. The amount of breast tissue that is available as well as how much the breasts are augmented also play a role in improving cleavage. In general, it comes to breast augmentation, Port St. Lucie, FL patients whose chest is average size may see the biggest improvements in their cleavage. In some cases, however, the implants can push outward from the center of the chest toward the sides of the body. This may lessen the appearance of cleavage.

Will implants improve sagging breasts?

Although most women can expect to experience a slight-to-moderate lift of their bustline after implants are placed, breasts that sag significantly (a condition called ptosis) may be improved with a breast lift procedure that can be performed as part of breast augmentation surgery. In a breast lift, also known as mastopexy, excess skin is removed and the breasts are repositioned higher on the torso for a more perky, youthful appearance. For patients with droopy breasts who are looking to breast augmentation for a more enhanced bustline, without the addition of a breast lift, implants alone are unlikely to improve their sagging breasts.

What can be done to avoid rippling?

Breast implants are placed where there is an adequate amount of breast tissue, either above the pectoralis major muscle or below it. When saline implants are either over- or underfilled, the skin on the breast can appear rippled. For patients who lack an adequate amount of breast tissue, silicone implants are a preferred option and may be placed beneath the muscle to avoid this condition.

Will I still have nipple sensation following surgery?

It is not unusual after breast augmentation for Port St. Lucie, FL patients to have some sensory changes. This is especially true when larger implants are placed. Although it is common to lose some nipple sensation, in most cases feeling returns within 3-12 months after surgery. However, for a small percentage of women, changes in nipple sensation may last longer.

What can I expect during my recovery?

Most patients who undergo breast augmentation by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Vinyard at the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery in Port St. Lucie, FL recovery quickly from their procedure. It is common to experience some discomfort and swelling, however, these symptoms usually can be alleviated with pain medication. In most cases, women can return to work within about a week. However, activities that require lifting or stretching the arms should be modified since they will be uncomfortable. It may be a while before you receive the green light from Dr. Vinyard to perform exercises such as planks and pushups that engage the pectoralis muscle. In most cases, breast augmentation patients can resume their regular exercise regimens within about a month. As you recover, keep in mind that breast augmentation surgery is a life-changing procedure that results in beautiful outcomes that will look and feel normal and natural.

What happens if there is a problem with my implant?

Depending on the type of implant that is placed, patients may or may not be able to determine when or if they have experienced a rupture. With saline implants, ruptures are easily detected since the devices deflate and the sterile saltwater solution is safely absorbed by the body. In the case of silicone implants, an MRI is used to confirm the rupture of those devices. Similar to silicone implants, because gummy bear implants retain their shape, it can be difficult to determine when or if a leak has occurred. For this reason, women with silicone implants are advised to undergo an MRI every three years to check the status of the implant. If a rupture occurs, silicone implants and the gel that was contained in them must be surgically removed.

Even though it is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures, the decision to undergo breast augmentation should not be made lightly. If you still have questions about this transformative surgery, schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. William Vinyard of the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery in Port St. Lucie, FL. Our practice is dedicated to educating patients about their options when it comes to breast augmentation and giving you the ultimate opportunity to feel comfortable with your appearance.

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