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As we age, we undergo significant changes in our facial features. This includes deep lines and wrinkles in the forehead, loss of volume in the cheeks, and a sunken appearance under the eyes. If you have tried over-the-counter creams and expensive beauty products in the past, you know they can’t provide a meaningful or noticeable lift. Surgical and nonsurgical facelifts are available for residents of Port St. Lucie, FL who want a more refreshed look. 

A facelift is a facial rejuvenation procedure that has been making an impact in aesthetic medicine over the last few years. They help men and women alike who are concerned with the above problem areas and more, such as crow’s feet and smile lines. A surgical facelift involves incisions to tighten the skin and underlying muscles while under local or general anesthesia. A liquid facelift, in contrast, is a noninvasive procedure that uses one or a series of injections designed for specific areas of the face or neck. 

As with any decision, there are pros and cons to evaluate before choosing an approach. At Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. William Vinyard and the skilled staff provide you with information to help you make an informed decision as to whether a surgical facelift or a liquid facelift is for you. If you are looking to correct facial lines or loose skin, there are a variety of options to choose from. 

What Does a Surgical Facelift Involve? 

First, it is important to address the misconception that a surgical facelift treats all regions of the face at once. Facelift surgery can actually address drooping skin and lines on the upper, mid, or lower face for an improved appearance, depending on your cosmetic goals. You should also consider that a surgical facelift can produce more dramatic improvements than a liquid facelift with results that are long-lasting. 

During your consultation, we will describe the several techniques we use for a surgical facelift and how each one can benefit you: 

Full-face facelift: we make a careful incision close to the hairline, then down to the temples. The facial tissues and muscles are then gently pulled for a lifted outcome. This reduces loose skin for those with advanced signs of aging. 

Mid-face facelift: this lift concentrates on the areas near the cheekbones and the upper jaw. This works for patients who want to improve the lower two-thirds of their face. We also use this procedure to improve the look of the jowls.  

Lower-face facelift: this procedure works best for the chin and neck area to make it appear younger and tighter, along with the jowls. 

Mini-facelift: we make a small incision around the ears to lift the skin slightly higher, enhancing the mouth, jawline, and jowls. This creates small, natural-looking improvements. 

Knowing the terminology is a great first step, but the bottom line is finding a board-certified plastic surgeon who takes each approach seriously and helps by walking you through the process. Dr. Vinyard is available for questions and concerns about cosmetic surgery at Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery. 

What Does a Liquid Facelift Involve?

A liquid facelift is the combination of an injectable filler and wrinkle relaxer to plump up the skin and reduce wrinkles and lines in the face. For example, patients at Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery can combine the dermal filler Juvéderm® with the wrinkle relaxing treatment BOTOX® to target problem areas and maximize results. While more subtle than a surgical procedure, injectables have very similar goals. They can help address the following areas: 

  • Under the eyes
  • The cheeks
  • The temples 
  • The jowls
  • The folds between the nose and mouth

Based on the injections you receive and the areas being treated, you may need to return to the clinic for touch-ups every so often. Most patients return every quarter, six months, or a year to refresh their appearance. 

The benefit of choosing a liquid facelift over a surgical facelift is that injectables are a noninvasive process, using very thin needles and requiring very little or no downtime. This is also an excellent option if you are anxious about surgery. Not only that, a liquid facelift takes less than an hour to complete, which means you can get treated in between appointments or while out on a lunch break in Port St. Lucie, FL. There is no need to take time off from work or limit your activities following the session. A surgical facelift, on the other hand, requires 2 – 3 weeks of recovery. 

Choosing the Best Option For You 

The patients at Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery have many unique concerns and goals. If this is your first time getting a facelift, most experienced plastic surgeons will recommend beginning with a consultation so you can fully understand the benefits and risks of each. 

Stop wasting time with ineffective skin creams. You can look more energetic and rested with a surgical facelift or a liquid facelift from Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery. We are dedicated to helping you achieve a more vibrant look. Contact our facility today and schedule a friendly consultation to learn more about surgical and liquid facelifts in Port St. Lucie, FL. 

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