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At some point, every single person finds themselves beginning a journey on the anti-aging trail. Whether as a forward thinking teenager consciously applying sunscreen, or as a mid-thirties individual going for preventative botox treatments, or as a senior citizen ready to say goodbye to those jowls that recently appeared!

When entering the realm of anti-aging, it can be intimidating trying to weigh the pros and cons of each type of procedure, but there are a few big factors to certain surgeries or procedures that make them front-runners as your choice for anti-aging, particularly in the facial rejuvenation arena. FACEtite is one of these; it is able to produce a youthful result without a major, invasive surgery! If your interest is piqued (and we bet it is), read on!

Zero Surgery

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What Is FACEtite?

FACEtite is a relatively new to the market procedure that harnesses the amazing benefits of radio-frequency energy to both tighten and add definition to the skin. A FACEtite procedure is minimally invasive, as it uses technology that requires only small incisions to be made to transmit waves of radio-frequency energy at the areas you are seeking to target.

FACEtite has a huge advantage over many other cosmetic procedures because it is able to achieve results that are equal to, if not greater, than other invasive surgical procedures. The outcome of your FACEtite procedure is enjoyed more quickly as the recovery time is generally less than a week, although the results will continue improving over time.

The Most Advanced Facial Contouring & Refinement Procedure.

What Can You Expect Your FACEtite Procedure to Look Like?

Before your actual procedure takes place, it is important to meet with your doctor for an initial consultation, during which you will be able to discuss your goals, assess your starting point, go over any potential side effects or risks. Be sure your doctor is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons.

When the big day finally arrives, you and your doctor will have established a rapport and he or she will know exactly the plan of action for your FACEtite procedure.  A local anesthetic will be administered to reduce discomfort, and then tiny incisions will be made. This allows the hand piece to be inserted, with one probe beneath and one probe on the surface of your skin. Waves of radio-frequency energy will be passed between these two probes. This energy will liquefy fat cells, reduce sagging or wrinkling skin, as well as simultaneously signal the collagen production to kick into high gear.

Distinctive Jawline

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The fat is then suctioned out of the face by way of a small cannula, leaving the targeted areas smooth, toned, and contoured once again.

What Does Recovery From FACEtite Look Like?

Again, one of the factors that causes FACEtite to stand out in the anti-aging crowd is that it is minimally invasive, which means not only is general anesthesia unnecessary, the incisions made are so insignificant that many patients are able to carry on with their normal lives immediately. The radio-frequency treatment will cause your skin to tighten and smooth instantly, so results will be evident right away. However, it is important to expect a certain level of swelling that will subside. One of the biggest benefits of FACEtite is the increase in collagen production, which is a gradual process that will bear fruit over the next six to twelve months.

The radio-frequency treatment will cause your skin to tighten and smooth instantly, so results will be evident right away.

How Long Will Your Amazing FACEtite Results Last?

How long your FACEtite outcome remains to rejuvenate and revitalize your face varies from person to person. Your attentiveness to a skin care regimen, healthy diet and exercise, stage of life, and natural skin quality all will impact how long your results remain, but for some they last up to 5 years! Make sure you speak with your doctor about how best to care for your newly contoured face to ensure that your outcomes are long-lasting.

Dramatic Results

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Sound Like FACEtite Is the Perfect Option For You? It Probably Is!

Does FACEtite sound too good to be true? All of the amazing anti-aging benefits with none of the pain, time off for recovery, and scarring? FACEtite is the real deal, and if you are interested in giving new life to your facial features, talk to a doctor you trust about starting your experience with FACEtite.

Which Body Areas Does FACEtite Treat Best

Which Body Areas Does FACEtite Treat Best?

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