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The aging process doesn’t spare any of us—the older we become, the more aesthetic imperfections we notice in our bodies. However, is that enough of a reason to give up on your aesthetic goals? On the contrary—here at the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, we believe there is a treatment for any patient. Everything depends on finding the proper procedure and the right plastic surgeon for you, one who treats your safety and concerns as their highest priority. 

This season, more patients are focusing on the neck area, trying to get rid of the wrinkled, sagging skin that many of us know as a “turkey neck.” The aging process causes the neck muscles to weaken and the skin to lose its elasticity, leading to an unappealing look. That is why numerous patients are searching for a quick and effective turkey neck treatment. However, where can patients find the best treatment for turkey neck? Is there a one-size-fits-all approach on the market? 

What Is the Best Treatment for Turkey Neck?

As Dr. William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS, explains, the best treatment for turkey neck is not all about one miraculous treatment. Several factors, such as age, genetics, and skin laxity, come into play when determining the most efficient turkey neck treatment. At the VIPS, Dr. Vinyard has two aces up his sleeve to improve turkey neck symptoms—FACEtite and the Cheek/Neck Lift! Read below to find out which of the two treatments can improve your neck appearance and help you forget all about your turkey neck.

Improving Neck Definition and Angle with FACEtite

The first step in your turkey neck treatment is determining the severity of your symptoms. Fortunately, the milder your turkey neck symptoms are, the bigger the chances of avoiding cosmetic plastic surgery altogether become. As long as skin laxity is minimal and it’s just an issue of better defining your neck, minimally invasive approaches are the VIPS recommendation, in the shape of a FACEtite procedure!

FACEtite harnesses the benefits of radiofrequency (RF) energy and traditional liposuction to remove the fatty tissue that just won’t budge! After applying local anesthesia to the treatment area, Dr. Vinyard will make a small incision and insert an electrode-emitting device to liquefy the unwanted fatty tissue. An additional tube helps suction and remove the liquefied fat. Simultaneously, the RF energy stimulates the production of fresh collagen and elastin, the two proteins that improve skin tone and smoothness. Dr. Vinyard recommends that you pair FACEtite with a Morpheus8 procedure for enhanced collagen and elastin production. By the end of your recovery period, the definition and contour of your neck will dramatically improve, ameliorating the mild turkey neck symptoms!

FACEtite delivers spectacular results to younger patients whose skin laxity is still negligible. However, FACEtite’s efficiency falls short of the expectations when it comes to older patients with more pronounced skin laxity. Such instances call for a more invasive approach, and the Cheek/Neck Lift procedure is here to get the job done.

Improve Skin Laxity with a Cheek/Neck Lift

The Cheek/Neck Lift, or the lower-face facelift, goes straight at the root of the problem to put an end to your turkey neck. After delivering general anesthesia to the patient, Dr. Vinyard makes incisions behind the ears and beneath the chin, through which any surplus of fatty tissue is removed. Then, he removes any sagging, loose, or hanging skin while tightening the targeted skin tissue. 

At the end of your recovery period, you will be stunned by your tighter skin and softer neckline—you will see dramatic enhancements in your neck profile! However, there’s always room for improvement, and Dr. Vinyard recommends that you add minimally invasive treatments such as CoolPeel to create an even younger-looking, more glowing appearance into your neck area.

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Choosing VIPS for Your Turkey Neck Treatment

Here at VIPS, every patient is treated from a unique lens, which is why our mission is to diversify and personalize our treatment options. When it comes to turkey necks, no solution is the only solution—however, Dr. Vinyard has all the tools necessary at his disposal to bring your neck aesthetic goals to life in no time. Getting rid of your turkey neck is only one free consultation away!

Ready to learn more about what we offer at VIPS? We prioritize patient experience and results, so we want to help you find the proper treatment for you. We also offer one-time payments or payment plans to help make things as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Book a complimentary consultation with Dr. Vinyard to discuss more of what we can do for you!

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