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When considering surgery, especially plastic surgery, one of the most important things to know before you schedule your procedure is recovery. It’s crucial to know how much time you’ll need to rest, what symptoms are normal and what are signs of something hazardous, if you need to ask for help. Knowing these things beforehand, and adequately preparing yourself for an easy recovery time is key to getting the most out of your cosmetic surgery. FACEtite is no exception to these rules.

What is FACEtite?

FACEtite is a cosmetic enhancement procedure that uses radio frequency energy beneath your skin to increase collagen production, tighten loose skin, and contour the structure. It is dramatically less invasive than many other plastic surgery options, which makes it an ideal choice to combat multiple chins, sagging jowels, and a lack of those soaring high cheekbones.

FACEtite is an in-office treatment, that can be completed in a one or one and a half hour session. After you have been prepped, a local anesthetic will be applied to numb the targeted area. Your doctor will use the applicator to direct radio frequency energy at the skin cells and tissue that need to be tightened and stimulated. The applicator uses a thin, metal tube that goes beneath your skin in unison with an electrode that skims the surface to create a perfectly aimed and concentrated field of energy.

What Does FaceTite Recovery Look Like?

Your doctor will use this tool to contour and refine your jawline, smoothing out undesired areas, and bringing your beautifully sculpted chin back into the spotlight. It’s a simple procedure that requires no stitches, and little to no recovery time on bed rest. Because FACEtite is so non-invasive, you won’t need more than a local anesthetic, and you’ll be able to drive yourself home after the procedure.

There will be some swelling post-operation for the first week or two, peaking during the initial two or three days, but decreasing swiftly in the next week or so. For each patient, the extent of the treatment and the speed to which your body recuperates and responds to treatment will determine your exact recovery time.

FACEtite Your Way Back In Time

Eliminate your double chin and tighten your jawline back to its stunning, youthful shape. Schedule A Complimentary Consultation

How Soon Will You See Results from FaceTite?

Even as you walk out of your FACEtite appointment, you will notice a difference in your face structure, and it will keep getting better in the coming weeks! As the swelling continues to decrease, and your body responds to the radio frequency’s signals to up their collagen production, you will be delighted at the remarkable enhancement to your chin and cheeks. You can expect to see increase improvement for as long as six months after your FACEtite procedure.

How Long Will My FaceTite Last?

Now that you have that long awaited defined look to your face, you never want to let it go! The FDA (American food and drug association) has approved FACEtite to give you results that last for about one year, but many patients see effects for as long as four or five years. Don’t expect that after your first year of FACEtite is through, that your face will drop back to where it was before the surgery, however. It will simply start to go through an organic process that will look similar to a naturally aging face. You can encourage your FACEtite results to stick around longer by following a healthy skin care routine, choosing to use make-up that contains an SPF (sunscreen), and by maintaining a healthy weight and diet. Your doctor may suggest that you find a good collagen supplement to support your increased collagen production.

Is FACEtite For You?

FACEtite is the perfect choice for you if you are interested in finally achieving the jawline of your dreams, with little to no downtime or recovery! Because it such a quick, non-invasive procedure, it will require much less of an investment of your time. Find a doctor you trust today, and discover if it’s time to start off your new year with a new YOU!

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