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Confidence is everything. Our team at Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery loves when people feel confident about their bodies. After all, we live in our bodies every day and we deserve to feel good. This is why we’ve dedicated our lives to helping others feel the best that they can. 

One of the most common reasons people tell us they feel unsatisfied is due to stubborn fatty pockets. Patients tell us that they constantly change their wardrobes to hide excess abdominal fat, unwanted arm fat, or back rolls. Patients admit that they’ve stopped going to the beach, swimming, or attending parties because they don’t feel confident enough due to these fatty pockets. Exercise and eating healthy? Even that doesn’t seem to help make these pockets disappear. 

Introducing BODYtite!

Fortunately, lack of confidence doesn’t have to be anyone’s reality forever. BODYtite, a state-of-the-art, minimally invasive liposuction and skin tightening treatment has transformed thousands of lives. With little recovery time and permanent results, our patients leave our office thrilled that their excess fatty tissue is gone. BODYtite is one of the premier ways of contouring and sculpting the body. Ready to learn more? Read below!

How Does BODYtite Work?

BODYtite uses the power of radiofrequency-assisted (RF) lipolysis, creating a revolutionary new way to nonsurgically fix fatty areas and tighten the skin, all at the same time. Dr. VInyard uses the handheld tool to heat the skin and underlying fatty tissue, causing fat cells to liquefy. This liquid fat is removed via a small cannula. The radiofrequency energy encourages collagen to produce much quicker than it otherwise would and therefore tightens the skin over time. The BODYtite machine carefully monitors the temperatures ensuring safety. In addition, because BODYtite uses radiofrequency energy, fat cells are destroyed simultaneously as the skin is encouraged to contract. 

While there are immediate results, the full results will manifest in approximately 6-12 months as your body heals. Since the fat cells are destroyed, the results of BODYtite are permanent (that is, if there is no significant weight gain/loss, significant hormonal change, etc.). BODYtite also requires very small incisions and thus produces minimal scarring; Dr. William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS, is highly skilled and revered for his ability to hide incisions as expertly as possible within the natural creases and folds of the body. 

BODYtite treatments last around 30-45 minutes per targeted area. BODYtite is a single treatment to remove fat!  It can be performed in the office to treat smaller fatty areas or at the surgery center to treat multiple areas at the same time


What Body Areas Can I Target with BODYtite?

Because BODYtite is a precise tool, it can target various areas from head to toe. Some of the most popular areas that BODYtite treats are: 

  • Abdominal area (if a patient is looking for results similar to liposuction without the downtime, BODYtite is a popular alternative)
  • Arms (saggy, wrinkly upper arm/tricep areas are common targets for BODYtite)
  • Chest (men who would like fatty areas removed from their chest area benefit from BODYtite)
  • Sides/Back/Bra Fat (often referred to as “rolls,” BODYtite can target fatty pockets in these areas)
  • Thighs (fatty pockets inside of the legs are common targets for BODYtite)

These are only a few of the areas that BODYtite can target. If you would like to discuss more options, develop a personalized plan for yourself, and start your BODYtite journey, we’d love to talk with you via one of our complimentary consultations!

How Soon Will I See Results?

As mentioned before, some results will be apparent immediately since BODYtite allows for the fatty tissue to be directly removed from the body. However, results will be most noticeable as the weeks pass as inflammation decreases and the body heals. Depending on the area treated and the number of recommended treatments, fully healed results are typically seen within 6-12 months after the BODYtite procedure. 

Is BODYtite Better Than Liposuction?

BODYtite is regarded as an upgrade to traditional liposuction. Through this treatment, Dr. Vinyard addresses multiple aesthetic issues, from tightening the skin to preventing/minimizing skin laxity after fat removal. Not only does BODYtite remove more fat than traditional liposuction, but it also prevents certain skin imperfections from developing after the procedure! No wonder why BODYtite is the number one treatment in Dr. Vinyard’s body-contouring arsenal!

Book A Complimentary Consultation

Ready to learn more? Our team at VIPS prioritize patient experience and results and we want to help you find the best treatment for your body and aesthetic goals. We offer various financial options to help make things as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Book a complimentary consultation with Dr. Vinyard to discuss more of what we can do for you!

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