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When considering plastic surgery, it’s so important to take all of your options into consideration. There are some very commonly known, or “mainstream” terms and procedures that are often the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about plastic surgery. Things like “boob job”, “tummy tuck”, or “mommy makeover” may be among the first thoughts that enter your head when someone mentions plastic surgery. But there is a new, specific treatment called BODYtite that is taking the cosmetic surgery work by storm!

Many clients who have undertaken to remove unwanted fat to slim down and reveal their body’s true potential rave about how amazing this option is. Watch out liposuction-there’s some competition in the fat reduction and body contouring arena, and you’d better believe people are loving it!

What is BODYtite?

BODYtite is a cosmetic procedure that uses radiofrequency (or RF energy) to take out any slack in the skin, eradicating sags and wrinkles, and targets fat cells, causing them to dissolve, which makes liposuction so much easier. This is a fairly new approach to fat reduction; sometimes called RFAL or RF-Assisted Lipolysis. BODYtite can be used as a stand-alone procedure, or in conjuncture with liposuction. The addition of a liposuction surgery helps completely eliminate fat cells in a more speedy manner than BODYtite alone will do.

Who Is BODYtite For?

BODYtite is an ideal treatment for individuals who are struggling with weight loss on their neck, arms, thighs, abdomen, butt, or knees. BODYtite will assist in removing “bat wings” (excess flab on the back of the shoulders), love handles and other stomach fat issues, excessively large knees or thighs, oversized breasts and bra line fat, and tone up the male bust area. BODYtite is not considered to be an invasive surgery, since it only requires small incisions to allow the radio-frequency energy probe to access the fat cells you are targeting. It generally requires much less recovery time than a standard liposuction surgery.

Is BODYtite Safe For Anyone?

When considering a treatment that uses radio-frequency energy, particularly on a sensitive part of the body, it is important to consider your safety. The FDA has officially approved use of BODYtite on the stomach, arms, bust, knees, and thighs. Make sure your doctor has a board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, and that the computerized system that will be managing the temperature during the procedure is up to date and follows all safety protocols. Follow all your professional doctor’s instructions and recovery prescriptions, and you will be just fine!

You'll Love BODYtite!

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What Will My BODYtite Procedure Look Like?

You’ve decided it’s time to finally bid those excess sags and flab farewell once and for all…now what are you in for? After your initial consultation with your doctor, in which you should discuss your vision for final results, ask any questions you have about recovery, and make sure you fully understand the procedure, it’s time for the big day. Once you are in the room where your BODYtite contouring will take place, your doctor will use a local anesthetic, likely a gel, to numb the area they will be working on.

After your skin is numb, a few small incisions will be made, and the radio-frequency probe will be slipped beneath the skin, while the other will be on the surface of your skin. As your doctor moves the handheld radio-frequency device, electrical currents will be transmitting between the probes, through your skin, to break down and reduce the fat cells. The probes will be slightly heated, and will not only target fat cells, but also trigger collagen creation, and encourage the skin to contract and tighten, taking away that excess.

When this is finished, your doctor will insert a slim tube to suck out the undesired fat cells. The amazing advantage to BODYtite over almost any other procedure is that it is such a quick, non-invasive, treatment, with a short recovery time.

So What Do Patients Think Of BODYtite?

A study was published by the PRS Global Open Journal, in which the researchers asked fifty-five clients who had received BODYtite to share their final results, and their honest opinions. Two independent plastic surgeons also reviewed before and after photos taken of participants, and evaluated the final outcome on the basis of the quality of the removal, the contouring, and the tightness of skin.

Of the fifty-five participants, the average age was 51 years, and they had an average of 30ml of fat removed. Out of these fifty-five, 20% declared they were thrilled with the results, 42% said the results were good, and 23% shared they were satisfied. There was a small percentage that did not attain the full results they were envisioning, and went on to have additional procedures within the next four to eight months.

The independent plastic surgeons determined that the procedure was very effective in patients that were good candidates to receive BODYtite. Overall, most of the clients who received BODYtite were satisfied, and were able to on to enjoy their newly rediscovered beautiful bodies soon after the procedure was finished.

Loving The Results Of BODYtite: Now It's Your Turn!

Ready to join the ranks of happy customers today? The BODYtite contouring procedure offers a virtually scarless, minimally intrusive alternative to conventional plastic surgery treatments, and ensures increased patient comfort. It results in the shrinkage of fat, with shorter treatment times, decreased bruising, and very little recovery time.

When you consider how convenient the treatment is, the fact that most patients walk away with a 25-45% reduction of fat in the treated area is absolutely remarkable. If you are tired of dealing with your stubborn fat and ready to finally see it vanish, it’s time to try BODYtite. Contact our office to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Vinyard today.

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