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Imagine if we told you that you could sculpt your dream body without having to get surgery. Wouldn’t that be something? The results of liposuction without going under the knife, minimal recovery time so you can jump into action, a sculpted physique without surgical lifting, tightening, and smoothing. Thanks to growing technology, all of these things are possible. CoolSculpting and BodyTITE are the newest fat reduction procedures designed to deliver top-notch cosmetic results as effectively and conveniently as possible without the drawbacks of surgery. So if you’re ready to sculpt your body using the hottest cosmetic procedures without surgery, keep reading below.


How Can CoolSculpting Sculpt My Body?

CoolSculpting is the #1 non – invasive, FDA-cleared fat reduction treatment in the US. Celebrities, doctors, and patients alike are praising CoolSculpting for its ability to literally “freeze” fat cells away permanently. During the treatment, the practitioner takes a unique handheld device and cools the fat underneath the skin low enough to kill the unwanted cells. The human body naturally drains dead fat cells after 1-3 months, resulting in a 25% visible fat reduction. Perfect for unwanted fat pockets, CoolSculpting will permanently kill stubborn fat. Comparable to surgery, CoolSculpting sculpts the body, however, without downtime and invasiveness. It’s a trendy alternative that solves the problem of stubborn fat quickly and effectively.

At Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, we offer CoolSculpting Elite — the newest, best version of CoolSculpting that has improved larger, dual applicators. With up to 18% more tissue contact and double the applicators, we can treat two body areas in one treatment with more fat reduction, cutting the number of treatments needed in half. We can reduce fatty areas in the chin, jawline, thighs, abdomen, flanks, bra fat, back fat, underneath the buttocks, upper arms, and more. To learn more about CoolSculpting, click here.


How Can BODYtite Sculpt My Body?

Another one of America’s most popular FDA-approved fat reduction treatments is BODYtite. BODYtite has earned its name as a revolutionary, minimally invasive liposuction treatment that tightens the skin with very little recovery time. By harnessing radiofrequency-assisted liposuction (RFAL), BODYtite uses a small handheld applicator to make minimal incisions to loosen and liquefy the fat with heated radiofrequency waves. Then, the fat can be easily suctioned out of the body. Although minimally invasive, BODYtite is conducted with local anesthesia to assure top comfort for the patient, particularly if the patient has a low pain threshold.

Additionally, BODYtite has a 3-7 recovery day period while the patient wears a compression garment to ensure that the body is contoured according to the ideal form. However, similar to CoolSculpting, final results won’t be visible until a few months later. With BODYtite, all treated fat is permanently removed.

Here at Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, Dr. William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS, uses his trained eye and skilled touch to contour the body with precision and control to give the patient their desired results. BODYtite has been a popular treatment for many years as a minimally invasive procedure that can remove fat in many different body areas with natural results. To read more about BODYtite, click here.


How Do I Know Which Procedure Is Right For Me?

While CoolSculpting and BODYtite are both procedures that permanently remove fat and sculpt the body, they’re both quite different regarding procedure type, targeted areas, and recovery. If you’re considering CoolSculpting or BODYtite, we recommend that you schedule a free consultation with Dr. Vinyard to explore your options thoroughly. With many years in the cosmetic plastic surgery field and with high acclaim, Dr. Vinyard will assess your body, skin, contour, and goals to give you a treatment plan entirely designed around your goals. 


Get That Sculpted Body!

One of the most appealing aspects of both CoolSculpting and BODYtite is the minimal downtime associated with each. For CoolSculpting, there is no downtime. For BODYtite, there are 3-7 days of recovery. This means that patients can resume their everyday lives sooner than later and rest assured that their bodies are in the process of healing. After a few months, the results will speak for themselves. With 5-star reviews, either of these procedures is the next best way to reduce stubborn fatty areas and sculpt the body without going under the knife.

Sculpt your body to its sexiest form

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