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When people consider cosmetic surgery, one of the most prevalent questions that come to mind is, “How badly will I scar?” While the scar healing journey is different for each person, almost all of Dr. William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS’ patients have in common that their scars are, on average, superior to most other cosmetic surgeons’ scar results. Many of Dr. Vinyard’s patients mention how pleased they are with their minimal scarring and great scar healing in their reviews. So, what’s Dr. Vinyard’s secret? Please keep reading to find out how Dr. Vinyard helps his patients get the best scar results he can offer.

Dr. Vinyard’s Technique – No Corners Cut

Dr. Vinyard prides himself on his aesthetic skill in performing cosmetic surgeries. This is no different when it comes to ending a procedure — he doesn’t cut corners when it comes to closure. He views the incision as multiple layers that need to be put together rather than just one wound to be closed up (which is standard practice). This is because every layer of fat, muscle, and skin is separated and must be put back together separately. By closing each layer individually, there is far less tension — resulting in less scarring. 

Additionally, Dr. Vinyard doesn’t use outside sutures, which translates into no marks. The combination between closing each layer individually and using surgical glue to minimize the wounds helps the incision area heal more peacefully and naturally and dramatically reduces the chance of significant scarring. And to top it all off, Dr. Vinyard provides a specific scar therapy regimen that uses different lasers after six weeks to improve the scar as it heals. Dr. Vinyard doesn’t cut corners when it comes to giving patients the best surgical procedure possible, and this includes using the best medical techniques available to reduce scarring.


Time Is Key

Saving time is fantastic for things like driving to work, running errands, or planning a trip. However, when it comes to surgical procedures, saving time isn’t nearly as important as assuring the best results possible. This is why Dr. Vinyard takes his time when closing incisions. Many other surgeons can close wounds in half the time, although scarring is usually far more noticeable and less aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, Dr. Vinyard is meticulous when closing incisions and, as an example, can take up to 1.5 hours just on closing an abdominoplasty wound to assure the best finish possible. 

With eight years of surgical training and advanced training in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Vinyard has both the skill and the careful hand to provide his patients with a medically elite cosmetic surgery finish. He knows the importance of reducing scarring, so he will take his time with every incision to close it carefully. His expertise and attention to detail help minimize scarring significantly.


Patients Play a Part in Recovery Too

While Dr. Vinyard uses state-of-the-art techniques, tools, and methodology to provide the best scarring results possible to his patients, not all results solely depend on him. Patients need to be aware of other factors in the scar recovery process, such as genetics and nutrition. To help the healing process, patients must be mindful of their nutrition and health during recovery to maximize the best results. And of course, this also means taking careful heed of the recovery instructions for post-surgery healing. Scar healing takes time! 

It’s also vital for patients to keep in mind their personal history of scarring and their family history of scarring. As unfortunate as it may be, some patients don’t have the genetics to allow good scar healing. If a patient is aware of this, they must mention it to Dr. Vinyard from the start. 


We’re Here for YOU

Dr. Vinyard is dedicated to providing the best medical and aesthetic results to his patients possible, including with scarring. Patients have commented that their scars are “barely noticeable,” “as thin as a pen mark,” and “as small as possible.” Dr. Vinyard is dedicated to providing the same excellent quality to every patient who walks through his door.

Ultimately, he wants to work with you to give you the results you want from start to finish — from consultation to post-recovery. Are you ready to learn more about Dr. Vinyard’s famous techniques? Contact us today!

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