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The concept of a tighter waist, a contoured abdomen, and a toned physique — all with a natural finish — sounds dazzling since only a few surgeons can actually deliver these results. However, Dr. William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS in Port St. Lucie, FL, is renowned for his unique, all-natural, 5-star tummy tuck procedures. Dr. Vinyard’s approach to a tummy tuck is not a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, it’s a fully customized, meticulous, medically elite approach that treats every patient like a work of art. So how exactly does Dr. Vinyard make his tummy tucks stand out from the rest? Please keep reading to find out his tummy tuck secrets.


How A Tummy Tuck Works

“Everything from booking the consultation to post-op care for my tummy tuck has been five stars.” (Review from A)

A tummy tuck is an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia that involves removing excess skin and stretch marks in the lower abdomen, repositioning the belly button, elevating the sagging hair-bearing area (mons pubis) and repairing the rectus abdominis muscles. Tummy tuck skin tightening is a cosmetic enhancement that redefines the stomach area, providing patients with an aesthetically toned, smooth result. 

There are two general types of tummy tucks, depending on the needs of the patient. A full tummy tuck is ideal for patients with an abundance of hanging or loose skin, whereas a mini-tummy tuck is ideal for patients with a moderate amount of fat and skin laxity. The significant visual difference between the two types of tummy tucks is the incision size just above the pubic region. 


Don’t Rush Art – Incision Markings & Suture Closure

“Dr. Vinyard is such an amazing surgeon. He is very meticulous in everything he does. He has a huge heart for all of his patients and those around him and treats his patients as they are his art piece.” (Review from JZ

At Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, every cosmetic procedure, big or small, is treated like artwork. This means that Dr. Vinyard takes extra care making sure that his procedures are performed safely and aesthetically. He doesn’t rush his work and makes sure every detail is ideal for the patient. 

One of the most critical parts in preparing a cosmetic procedure is the markings, especially in a tummy tuck. Dr. Vinyard spends approximately 20-30 minutes just to mark the incision line. The incision line isn’t just drawn in the general vicinity of the surgical site — instead, it’s fully customized to the patient’s anatomy. To guarantee that the results are as natural and aesthetically pleasing as possible, Dr. Vinyard will thoroughly evaluate the patient’s abdominal area, measure accurately for symmetry, and meticulously apply the incision markings. 

Just as Dr. Vinyard is thorough with his incisions to start the procedure, he’s also equally as careful for the tummy tuck closure to end the procedure. Dr. Vinyard does multiple layers of sutures for the closure, which can take approximately 1.5 hours. This is a huge difference from other tummy tuck procedures, which use staples or absorbable staples or less sutures, which are faster yet raise the incidence of scar widening and scar abdnormalities. With Dr. Vinyard’s technique, he achieves a more aesthetically pleasing result with minimal scarring. From his careful incision marking applications to his diligence with approximating each layer with multiple absorbable sutures, Dr. Vinyard doesn’t rush his craft. 


No Shortcuts – Neuro-Surgical Tools Instead

“I work in the medical community, so, therefore, it was important to me to pick a great doctor I could interact with before and after my surgery. Many of the plastic surgery practices in Florida are storefront, strip malls with their own extremely questionable surgical suites and zero aftercare. This is not the case with Dr. Vinyard.” (Review from J.)

Many cosmetic surgeons use liposuction in their tummy tucks to speed up the process. Instead of relying solely on lipo, Dr. Vinyard prefers to maximize the amount of skin and fatty tissue removed to create a flatter smoother abdomen. His technique not only provides a natural and beautiful result, but it’s also the most customizable option. Meaning, Dr. Vinyard’s every move is designed around the patient’s body in the most careful way possible. Additionally. Dr. Vinyard performs multiple levels of muscle plication (a surgical technique that tightens the rectus abdominis muscles) to prevent the muscles from pulling apart again. Finally, Dr. Vinyard doesn’t take shortcuts, which is apparent in his before and after results.


Mastering The Tummy Tuck Belly Button

“When comparing surgeons, belly buttons and incisions are the main things to look at after safety and overall aesthetics. It was important to me to look natural. Dr. Vinyard really takes his time getting the incision line thin and symmetrical, and I have yet to see him do a belly button that isn’t perfect. My belly button is cuter now than it has ever been. I am thrilled with my results. He pulled my waist in beautifully and got rid of all the excess skin and fat above the stomach muscle with no lipo needed.” (Review from J.)

No abdomen is complete without a belly button. Unfortunately, in tummy tucks, it isn’t uncommon for belly buttons to be overlooked — many surgeons simply cut a slit and pop the existing belly button through the hole, then quickly suture the area. This causes an unsightly belly button that, unfortunately, a lot of tummy tucks are known for. However, the tummy tuck belly button is not destined to be unattractive. 

Instead, Dr. Vinyard entirely designs a new belly button that has a more natural appearance. He spends around 30 minutes prioritizing aesthetics, natural appearance, and positioning while creating the belly button. After years of mastering the tummy tuck belly button, Dr. Vinyard is proud to not only provide his patients the best quality tummy tuck but also a pleasing belly button to match.


Dr. Vinyard’s Attention To Detail – A Trained Eye

“It’s been 6 months, and my tummy tuck surgery went sooo smooth with no complications at all. The incision is very thin and undetectable when I wear a bikini. Dr. Vinyard is a perfectionist, and his staff is awesome!” (Review from MV

Just as an artist dedicates their life to their art, Dr. Vinyard has devoted his life to the study and practice of cosmetic plastic surgery. With his extensive educational and professional history studying, learning, and mastering cosmetic surgery, Dr. Vinyard is truly an artist of his craft. He is one of the few surgeons in the prestigious and rare Aesthetic and Breast Surgery Fellowship to complete four full surgical training programs in General Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Advanced Breast Reconstructive Surgery, and Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Surgery.

His natural eye for beauty and detail has only been further refined by his education and experience, allowing him to create beautiful results. His tummy tuck procedures exemplify this, which showcases his medical knowledge, aesthetic touch, and complete patient customization.

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