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CoolSculpting® has taken the world by storm. As an alternative to liposuction, many people have come to swear by CoolSculpting® Legacy and its innovative, convenient and effective procedure. Using a controlled cooling applicator to target and break down fat without surgery, CoolSculpting® Legacy tones, contours, and destroys fat without ever breaking the skin. It’s FDA cleared, permanent, and can reduce fat up to 25% per treatment. Bid goodbye to stubborn pockets of fat in the neck, arms, abdomen, flanks, back, thighs, and more. 

But like every technology, there is always room for improvement. And after 15 years, Allergan has just released the new, improved, and updated version of CoolSculpting® Legacy that takes an old love and turns it into a new romance: Introducing CoolSculpting® Elite, your new stubborn-fat-busting solution.

What’s The Difference Between CoolSculpting® And CoolSculpting® Elite?

While CoolSculpting® Legacy and CoolSculpting® Elite both use localized vacuums that cool target areas enough to break down fat, there are definite improvements in the latter. For example, CoolSculpting® Elite added a C-cup-shaped applicator for more tissue contact, better suction, and more targeted cooling. This means faster treatment time and better results. Additionally, CoolSculpting® Elite allows for two areas to be treated with one machine, which expands possibilities while still cutting down on time and ridding even more fat! 

There are even more benefits to CoolSculpting® Elite, including a much lower price! This means that this improved treatment is available for more patients, and payment plans can be more flexible. Refer to the chart below for more differences:


CoolSculpting® Legacy

CoolSculpting® Elite

Applicator Type:



Treatment Areas At A Time Per Machine:

One Area

Two Areas


As low as $600/cycle

As low as $400/cycle


35-75 minutes for 1 treatment area

35-75 minutes for 2 treatment areas

Fat Reduction Per Treatment:



Helping you rediscover your confidence

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How Does CoolSculpting® Elite Get Rid Of Fat?

Similar to CoolSculpting® Legacy, CoolSculpting® Elite uses a cooling applicator to target stubborn fat areas. When the applicator is placed over the area, it suctions and freezes the fat underneath the skin. After the treatment, your body naturally clears and disposes of the frozen, dead fat cells and drains them out. The results come gradually over a few weeks. For CoolSculpting® Elite, each treatment rids 25%-30% of fat in the targeted area. Not only does that mean fewer treatments for your desired contour, but also more noticeable results come sooner.

How Long Will CoolSculpting® Results Last?

Both CoolSculpting® Legacy and CoolSculpting® Elite provide the patient with permanent, noticeable results. Of course, personal lifestyle can affect the longevity of the contour (like sudden weight gain, pregnancy effects, and other factors), but the removed fat will not return. 

What Areas Does CoolSculpting® Elite Treat?

CoolSculpting® Elite is FDA certified to treat 9 different areas of the body. These areas are: 

  • The chin/neck area
  • The male chest
  • The abdomen
  • Arms
  • Flanks/love handles/back
  • Bra rolls
  • Underneath the buttocks 
  • Inner thighs
  • Outer thighs

With CoolSculpting® Elite, patients can choose to treat two areas at once (such as underneath the chin and the abdomen) or treat two separate sides of the same treatment area at the same time (such as both thighs at the same time). This dual-procedure was not possible before, but is a massive benefit to CoolSculpting® Elite!

Can I Use CoolSculpting® Elite To Lose Weight?

CoolSculpting® Legacy and CoolSculpting® Elite are meant to help patients lose stubborn pockets of fat, not act as a weight loss solution. This means that the patient should be living a healthy lifestyle and be at a healthy weight for CoolSculpting® to be effective. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office — we would love to discuss whether CoolSculpting® is a right fit for you!

CoolSculpting® Elite takes body contouring to the next level.

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Here at the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, we were one of the first offices that acquired CoolSculpting® Elite, and we are so excited to share the fabulous results with our patients! A key aspect of our mission is to continually improve our set of devices with the newest and best improvements on the market, and CoolSculpting® Elite offers just that. Contact us and schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Vinyard today.

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