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We all want to look like our best, photogenic selves when we smile, but self-consciousness might stand in our way, especially when dealing with a gummy smile! Fortunately, there are several ways to remedy a gummy smile, and one of the least invasive and most effective options available for you is BOTOX treatment. Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS, and his team of experts want you to sport your most beautiful, brilliant smile. That’s why we recommend BOTOX as a treatment for your gummy smile!

What Is a ‘Gummy Smile’?

A gummy smile, also known as excessive gingival display, occurs when your upper lip raises so much that a large section of your gum becomes visible. Usually, doctors diagnose a gummy smile when more than 3 mm of gum shows. 

You can also recognize a gummy smile through the position of your upper lip when smiling. If it rests on your gum, you may be a candidate for a BOTOX treatment.

Why Do Gummy Smiles Occur?

Several causes are responsible for this aesthetic imperfection — each with its own treatment option — such as:

  • Long or enlarged gum tissue;
  • Excessive upper jaw growth;
  • Hyperactive upper lip;
  • Small or hidden teeth;
  • Genetics;
  • Bone structure.

The different gummy smile causes ask for different treatment options. While not all of these causes are treatable with BOTOX injections, many patients who suffer from a gummy smile find that BOTOX is a safe and easy treatment to highlight their beautiful, radiant smile!

Is BOTOX an Effective Gummy Smile Treatment?

How Does BOTOX Work?

BOTOX, also called botulinum toxin type A, is a muscle relaxation agent commonly used in a variety of medical and cosmetic procedures. This neuromodulator blocks the signals that command the muscles to contract, allowing those muscles to relax.

Usually, patients receive BOTOX injections to diminish signs of natural aging focused on the face. However, medical experts continually find new uses for this versatile muscle relaxant, and one of these uses is the treatment of a gummy smile!

How Does BOTOX Fix a Gummy Smile?

BOTOX fixes a gummy smile by helping the upper lip muscles relax. A quick BOTOX injection into your upper lip will make your muscles less tense, thus drawing your lip up less.

In a clinical study conducted on 20 women aged 25 to 45, physicians found that BOTOX was a practical and effective treatment for gummy smiles caused by a hyperactive upper lip or enlarged gum tissue. Therefore, BOTOX may be one of the best options for gummy smiles originating from either of these causes!

The Benefits of Using BOTOX for Gummy Smile

BOTOX is a very effective gummy smile remedy with multiple benefits compared to other surgical procedures. It is much more comfortable than surgical procedures, requires a minimal recovery period, yields natural results, is cost-effective, and leaves room for adjustments if you’re not pleased with your new look! 

Where Is the BOTOX Injected for Gummy Smile Correction?

The treatment is generally delivered in the area between your nose and upper lip; more precisely, it will be injected into your orbicularis oris, levator labii, or zygomaticus major and minor muscles. Our experienced Certified Aesthetic Injector will place the BOTOX right where these muscles intersect to maximize the potency of your treatment.

How Many Units Are Required for a Gummy Smile Treatment?

The number of BOTOX units you receive will depend on several factors, such as: 

  • The severity of your gummy smile; 
  • The amount of lip repositioning you need.

Men also tend to have more muscle volume, meaning they need more BOTOX units than women. Dr. Vinyard will discuss the appropriate number of units for you and your body during your personal consultation.

How Long Will the Treatment Results Last?

Generally, BOTOX results last for up to three months. However, some patients have enjoyed excellent results for up to 4-6 months after their BOTOX treatment! If you want to continue receiving BOTOX for your gummy smile, you can always schedule a follow-up appointment to receive more BOTOX and preserve your results.

Will I Experience Any Side Effects?

As with any other standard BOTOX procedure, a few minor side effects, such as tenderness and swelling, may manifest themselves after your treatment. But that’s not a reason to be nervous about your procedure! BOTOX patients experience only a mild discomfort during the procedure, with no downtime after leaving our office. Aside from performing the BOTOX treatment with the greatest care and precision, our expert team will provide you with postprocedural aftercare instructions to ensure the best outcome for your treatment!

If you are ready to conquer your gummy smile and escape the feeling of self-consciousness, BOTOX may be the right option for you. You can easily rejuvenate your appearance with a quick injection provided by Dr. Vinyard and his team of experts. So say goodbye to your gummy smile and hello to a rejuvenated, confident smile!

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Start Your Gummy Smile BOTOX Treatment at VIPS!

As you consider your facial rejuvenation goals, Dr. Vinyard and his team of experts wield many options for restoring a youthful look and feel for your face. A BOTOX treatment can be an incredible addition to your treatment plan, and Dr. Vinyard and his team of experts are ready to support you in achieving your aesthetic goals. Contact us to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Vinyard, or call us at (772) 362-3357 to find out the next steps in your BOTOX journey! Our office at 291 NW Peacock Blvd, Suite 103, Port St. Lucie, FL 34986, proudly serves the SE Florida area! We also invite you to check out our blog page, Facebook, and Instagram to learn more about the treatment plans available at our office!

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