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After months of dedicated exercise and dieting, you’ve finally lost that extra weight that was irking you. You step on the scale; it says exactly what you want it to. You congratulate yourself, imagining how good you’ll look in your new jeans and T-shirt! 

But after you’ve gotten dressed and looked in the mirror, instead of a glowing new body, you find that, while the weight is gone, sections of loose skin hang down on your upper back, some even reaching down to your waist. All that time and effort spent losing weight, and your desired appearance is still out of reach!

This is a common frustration for men and women after losing a significant amount of weight or falling victim to the unforgiving aging process. However, the extra skin doesn’t mean you’re any less in shape or that you’re any less healthy. Instead, it means that your skin has lost its elasticity and is ready for a boost. This is why Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS, offers upper back lift procedures to his mermaids at VIPS!

What Is an Upper Back Lift?

An upper back lift, also known as a bra line lift, is a cosmetic contouring procedure for men and women with loose, sagging skin around and near their upper and middle back. Your upper back aesthetic concerns may come in the form of rolls of skin, pockets of fat, or both. For women, these concerns are often exacerbated by their bra, causing the skin and fat to be pushed beneath it and stick out more and add additional discomfort. That is why the upper back lift procedure gets its ‘bra line lift’ name. 

A bra line lift procedure comes with numerous aesthetic benefits, including but not limited to:

  • A more contoured figure with a smooth and uniform upper back appearance and the disappearance of extra tissue
  • Tightened skin
  • A reduction and/or elimination of back rolls
  • Restored confidence 
  • Fitting into clothing and swimwear more seamlessly

Who Is an Upper Back Lift Candidate?

An upper back lift procedure is for both men and women trying to minimize stretched skin after weight loss or aging. An ideal patient will have reached their ideal weight before undergoing an upper back lift. The ideal patient should also be a non-smoker capable of healing from surgery without medical conditions causing complications. If you check all of these boxes, the upper back lift may be the right procedure for you!

What Is the Upper Back Lift Consultation Like?

A consultation is the best way to find out if you are a candidate for this procedure. During your personal consultation, Dr. Vinyard will check your medical history and overall health while discussing combining the upper back lift with other surgeries if desired, that also address sagging skin due to significant weight loss and/or aging such as a breast lift, an arm lift, or a tummy tuck. After the consultation, you will have a better idea if an upper back lift is right for you and if you would like to pursue it on your aesthetic journey.

What Technique Does Dr. Vinyard Use?

The upper back lift is a two to three-hour outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia. Because bra line lifts involve removing extra skin, Dr. Vinyard will create two incisions in your back. While these incisions will leave scars, they can easily be hidden by a shirt, bra, or swimsuit.

Dr. Vinyard will have you lie on your stomach during the procedure. Once you are under the anesthesia, he will make two incisions beginning on your side near your breast or pectoral muscle and proceeding to the middle of your back. The final step involves pulling the skin taut and suturing the wound closed. 

What About the Recovery Process?

The complete recovery time is about 6-8 weeks, although you will be able to return to work before then, usually within one week. During the recovery period, you will need to wear a compression garment to minimize swelling and avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activities. In addition, avoid stretching the skin in your upper and middle back for three weeks following the procedure.

You may experience an uncomfortable tight feeling in your back due to your skin being tightened, but this sensation will go away during the first few weeks. 

During your bra line lift recovery, Dr. Vinyard also recommends that you take good care of the scar using a medical-grade scar, which will fade within one year after your bra line lift.

What Is the Average Upper Back Lift Cost?

Factors such as your health, your aesthetic, and any additional procedures you want to perform with the upper back lift will play a role in determining the cost. Dr. Vinyard will surely give you a final quote for the bra line lift cost during the consultation

Won’t a Liposuction Deliver the Same Results?

Because loose skin is the main concern of a bra line lift, liposuction will not give the same results. Liposuction is a technique for removing pockets of fat that refuse to go away with exercise and diet — it does not address loose skin. Ultimately, an upper back lift is the best option to reduce loose skin and eliminate stubborn fat.

After your procedure, you will find that both the scale and the mirror tell you the same message — that new outfit will flatter your body like never before! You won’t be trying to hide sagging skin. Instead, you’ll be sporting a new, sculpted torso. Invest in a confident future today with an upper back lift!

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As you consider your body contouring goals, Dr. Vinyard and his team of experts wield many options for restoring a youthful look and feel for your back. An upper back lift procedure can be an incredible addition to your treatment plan, and Dr. Vinyard and his team of experts are ready to support you in achieving your aesthetic goals. Contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Vinyard, or call us at (772) 212-0304 to find out the next steps in your upper back lift journey! Our office at 291 NW Peacock Blvd, Suite 103, Port St. Lucie, FL 34986, proudly serves the South Florida area! We also invite you to check out our blog page, Facebook, and Instagram to learn more about the treatment options available at our office!

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