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For more than three years now in Port St. Lucie West, the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery has set the highest standards of quality, trust, and efficiency in plastic surgery. As a result, thousands and thousands of patients have walked through our practice’s door with aesthetic goals and have left healthy, happy, and with a renewed sense of self-confidence. Such results have prompted numerous patients to seek our professionalism and expertise again and even recommend us to friends and family, helping us to expand our VIPS community! 

What’s the Secret behind Dr. Vinyard’s Success?

With unparalleled training and hard work, Dr. William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS, has established himself as one of the leading plastic surgeons in the country. He has helped countless patients improve their lives and discover better versions of themselves. His dedication and genuine will to assist others has created a family environment at VIPS, where everyone is welcome and treasured, an alternative to traditional plastic surgery clinics, a place where “the experience can be as great as the results.”  

The synergy between Dr. Vinyard’s unmatched skill, bedside manner, and countless happy patients is illustrated by the hundreds of reviews that VIPS has received over the years. VIPS’ premier location, a friendly and professional staff, exemplary customer service, and unrivaled skills are only a few of the reasons why you should choose VIPS to join you on your aesthetic journey!

#1: Excellent Location

The first ace up the VIPS sleeve is location. Dr. Vinyard put considerable time into choosing the perfect location for his practice. In the end, he chose Port St. Lucie on the Treasure Coast of Florida, where patients can also enjoy the warm summer weather and the beauty of the sea! Afterward, Dr. Vinyard and his team sought to design an office where patients could feel comfortable and less anxious about their upcoming procedures. As with everything Dr. Vinyard does, he put a great deal of thought into the design of the beautiful VIPS office stating, , “Our office, the decor, the ambiance are very inviting and very comfortable. We really took that into consideration when my wife and I designed this office.”

A beautiful and welcoming ambiance plays a significant part in the overall VIPS experience, which is why every detail of our Port St. Lucie practice is attended to and they do not go unnoticed as. Our mermaids share their thoughts on our impeccable office:

“Beautiful, immaculate, and a very inspiring location. You are greeted with such happiness and respect. Love and recommend this place.” — C.G. | Source: Google | Feb 18, 2021.

“The office is clean, beautifully decorated, and is in a great location.” — D.A. | Source: Google | Mar 18, 2021.

“Their office is beautiful and serene and the moment you walk through their door, you are welcomed and feel like family.” — L. | Source: RealSelf | Jun 09, 2021.

#2: Friendly and Professional Staff

Next, Dr. Vinyard envisioned a place where “the experience can be as great as the results.” Therefore, he needed to go the extra mile and welcome and treat his patients in a unique way. For this, Dr. Vinyard relies upon the assistance of well-trained and warm-hearted staff members, who understand that the small details make a difference. 

Dr. Vinyard shares with us how “when the patients come in, they’re greeted by our staff. They’re escorted back to their private room. They have plush, comfortable robes that they’re wearing instead of hard paper gowns. We try to locate every single detail of the practice that’s going to make it feel optimally comfortable and inviting to each and every patient.”

The staff works around the clock to make every patient feel special and welcome at VIPS, something that Dr. Vinyard takes great pride in. The VIPS’ team hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed by our loyal “mermaids,” whose words are an irreplaceable reward to the VIPS team:

“Amazing staff – friendly, professional, and well informed about all the services and procedures.” — E.C. | Source: Facebook | Nov 23, 2019.

“I can’t say enough about the personal and professional care the staff and Doctor Vinyard have shown me during this entire process.” — D.S. | Source: Google | Sep 29, 2019.

“The entire staff is very inviting, friendly and professional.” — N.W. | Source: Google | Aug 29, 2019.

“Best Botox results I have ever had. The staff was great and very professional.” — J.M. | Source: Google | Jun 29, 2019.

#3: Dr. Vinyard’s Unique Approach to Patient Care

Finally, the VIPS team would never have become so beloved by its mermaids without Dr. Vinyard’s energy, drive, and charisma. For him, every patient is a unique case that requires a unique approach, and he dedicates 100% of his time and effort to making his patients feel special and well taken care of, something that our patients always laud and applaud in their reviews:

“Dr. Vinyard’s surgical skills and bedside manner are impeccable. You can tell he truly cares about his patients and takes the time to answer all your questions and concerns. I can’t recommend him enough!!” — L. | Source: RealSelf | Jun 09, 2021.

“From my first phone call through my last follow-up, Dr. Vinyard and his staff were amazing! Now I feel like I’m visiting family when I go in.” — M.B. | Source: Facebook | Feb 16, 2021.

Dr. Vinyard’s dedication to superior patient care and safety goes hand in hand with his dearest hobby: singing! Our clinic has received hundreds of reviews describing how Dr. Vinyard’s country songs helped them overcome their fear of anesthesia in an atmosphere of safety and trust. In fact, his country songs were so soothing that patients requested videos of him singing to enjoy the same feeling outside the VIPS office. All you have to do is access Dr. Vinyards’s Instagram account—@countrysingingsurgeon—to get a taste of the VIPS experience!

“From the time I was wheeled into the OR and Dr. Vinyard and Marylouise started to sing to me in this unforgettable deep voice as I was being put under, I was relaxed and felt I was in the best hands.” — N. | Source: Google | Mar 26, 2021.

“Here’s the best part, Dr. Vinyard and Mary Louise will sing your favorite country song or pick one for you and hold your hands while you fall asleep before your procedure! Wow, was I impressed! They can sing!! Too bad I fell asleep so fast. That was the highlight of my day. Chills, smiles, tears…love.” — L.2. | Source: Google | Mar 09, 2021.

“I would recommend them and have recommended them to anyone and everyone. And the best part… they SING while doing your procedure. It’s a great experience! “— T.P. | Source: Google | Mar 01, 2021.

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