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For the past decade, when people found that they have stubborn pockets of fat resistant to exercise, diet, and more, who have they turned to? The tried-and-true form of non-invasive, no downtime, efficient form of fat reduction — CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting has been permanently reducing fat pockets for thousands, and the reviews are raving. CoolSculpting uses an applicator that freezes fat cells, allowing the body to dispose and reduce the targeted area’s fat naturally by more than 20%. And for years, it’s been the fat pocket go-to. 

But now, CoolSculpting Elite has entered the fat-reduction arena. Like an iPhone upgrade, CoolSculpting Elite brings everything we know and love about CoolSculpting, but better. So what exactly makes CoolSculpting Elite so great? Read below to find out.

What’s the Problem with CoolSculpting?

Unlike a glitch, error, or mistake, there’s not a “problem” with CoolSculpting per-say. It’s been working like a charm for over ten years, helping people minimize their stubborn fat pockets. Instead, the problem was that everyone wanted more! People wanted more fat reduction, more treatments, and more results. The traditional CoolSculpting machine had one U-shaped applicator, which meant that it could treat only one area at a time. 

Additionally, a U-shaped applicator is small, meaning that it concentrates fat loss on smaller areas. Doctors noticed that CoolSculpting could improve — it could be more comfortable for patients, colder, and cover more surface area. That’s when the team at CoolSculpting Legacy went to work, determined to solve the biggest problem with CoolSculpting: It just wasn’t good enough yet.

What Makes CoolSculpting Elite Better?

CoolSculpting Elite is the newest, best, and most efficient technology when it comes to non-invasive fat reduction. With two new, larger C-shaped applicators, it can cover much more surface area with better suction and in twice as many places at the same time. With two applicators, CoolSculpting is much more efficient. Keeping this in mind, patients can schedule one appointment for both of their arms instead of just doing one at a time, opening up a world of possibilities: both thighs can be treated, both bra fat areas, or even mix-and-match like the chin and abdomen. 

Additionally, the C-shape can allow for up to 18% more surface area per applicator and provides a much cooler (yet more comfortable) experience for patients. With a colder, larger applicator, treatment times are much quicker while being even more effective than before. Patients who use CoolSculpting Elite are receiving a better treatment experience than with traditional CoolSculpting Legacy.

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Is CoolSculpting Elite More Expensive?

With so much improvement and better results, people expect CoolSculpting Elite to be significantly more expensive than traditional CoolSculpting. However, this isn’t the case. Depending on factors such as the treatment area, skin type, etc. CoolSculpting Elite can be cheaper than CoolSculpting. So not only is CoolSculpting Elite better at reducing fat, but also at reducing overall costs for better results! For a specific quote, please book a consultation with us here at Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery. We will assess how much your CoolSculpting Elite treatment will cost based on the preferred treatment area (legs, thighs, back, chin, abdomen, etc.), skin type (tattooed, scarred, sensitive, normal, etc.), and other factors to make the experience completely personalized to you. 

Is CoolSculpting Elite a Weight Loss Tool?

One of the biggest myths surrounding CoolSculpting is that CoolSculpting is a weight loss tool capable of replacing exercise, a healthy diet, or a weight loss program. Such a belief is not true, for neither traditional CoolSculpting Legacy nor CoolSculpting Elite. The purpose of anything under the CoolSculpting name is to reduce stubborn fat pockets that are resistant to exercise, a healthy diet, or a weight loss program. Sometimes, no matter how hard someone tries, that annoying fat area won’t go away — and that’s what CoolSculpting Legacy and CoolSculpting Elite are meant for.  No cosmetic procedure is meant for weight loss, but CoolSculpting Elite can help you achieve your dream physique when a proper diet and exercise just aren’t cutting it. 


What You Know and Love — but Better

Aside from all the significant improvements that CoolSculpting Elite brings to the table, it’s also good to remember that CoolSculpting Elite retains everything we know and love about CoolSculpting.  Permanent fat reduction, no recovery time, minimal side effects, and a contoured look — it’s all still there, just new and improved. You can rest assured that your CoolSculpting Elite treatment can reduce fat up to 20%-25% (or sometimes more) in just one treatment. And now, you can do two areas at the same time! With CoolSculpting Elite, you can say goodbye to stubborn fat areas in your arms, legs, abdomen, back, thighs, chin, and more in an efficient, easy, non-invasive, no-downtime way. We can’t wait to connect with you and see how CoolSculpting Elite can help you!

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Ultimately, CoolSculpting Elite is the current best non-invasive technology for fat reduction. It’s built upon over a decade of improvement, ready to bring you better, quicker, and more effective results. If you’re interested in trying the benefits of CoolSculpting Elite for yourself, we would love to schedule a free consultation with you! Additionally, we offer one-time payments or payment plans to help make things as convenient and hassle-free as possible for treatments. Book a complimentary consultation with Dr. William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS, to discuss more of what we can do for you!


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