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We’ve become acutely aware of how our faces look in the age of Zoom conferences, FaceTime, remote work, social media, selfies, and tons of videos. And some of us want to explore how cosmetic plastic surgery can emphasize our features, keep us looking youthful, and raise our confidence. However, with so many options, it’s hard to know what to do! Dermal fillers have been one of the most popular, effective, and cost-effective ways to shape the face and prevent aging. So how can these injectables help make your face shine? Keep reading to find out!

Anti-Aging, Wrinkles, & Lines

Wrinkles, creases, and lines become inevitable as we age. Even the best skincare routine won’t keep all these aging signs away—however, that’s where dermal fillers come into play. One of the most popular ways of treating wrinkles and lines has been BOTOX—an injectable that temporarily blocks nerve signals in targeted muscles, making dynamic wrinkles soften and/or vanish. While it’s certainly not the only wrinkle solution, it’s undoubtedly one of the most well-known to deliver youthful, natural-looking results. BOTOX treats these areas of the face: 

  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Crow’s feet wrinkles, and other eye wrinkles
  • Frown lines between eyes
  • Nose wrinkles (aka, bunny lines)

Adding Volume & Looking Younger

As we age, we lose volume in our faces. This contributes to deepening wrinkles, shrinking lips, and flatter cheeks. Never to fear, as dermal fillers can again target these face areas and rejuvenate them with added volume. Juvederm Voluma, Juvederm Ultra XC, Vollure, and Volbella are all great injectable dermal fillers that treat deep wrinkles and static lines and can plump areas of the face for a youthful appearance. The Juvederm injectable family line treats: 

  • Lips 
  • Cheeks 
  • Brows
  • Eyelids
  • Jawline
  • Chin

Softer, Fuller Skin

Radiesse is another dermal filler that targets mild-to-moderate lines and wrinkles throughout the face with longer-lasting results than BOTOX. Similar to Juvederm, Radiesse also provides volume for softer skin. This dermal filler is often used in tandem with the ones listed above to contour and shape the face to the patient’s goals. Additionally, Radiesse also is very popular for softer, fuller, and younger-looking hands as well! So you can give both your face and your hands a makeover. Radiesse treats: 

  • All facial regions (see bullets above) for wrinkles/lines
  • Cheeks
  • Lips
  • Chin
  • Jaw
  • Hands (bonus!)

Which Dermal Fillers Are Right for Me?

Here at the Vinyard Institute Of Plastic Surgery, we believe that anti-aging, aesthetics, and cosmetic procedures are more than just treatments — they’re art, and you’re a masterpiece. Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. William Vinyard, MD, FACS, prides himself on his work. He specializes in providing his patients with bright, smooth, youthful results that look stunningly natural. Dr. Vinyard will help you decide on which dermal fillers will best fulfill your goals—it’s your job to express your desires, likes, dislikes, and goals so that he can give you results that will make you look younger and feel more confident. Since all dermal fillers fulfill different purposes (even though they all seem very similar!) and can be mixed/matched depending on your goals, Dr. Vinyard will sit down with you and explain how your goals and his skill will perfectly merge to give you a fresh look.

Injectable Facial Makeover

If you’re looking to treat more than just a few areas of your face, you may be a candidate for an injectable facial! Injectable facial makeovers are essentially injectable “liquid” facelifts. That is, depending on your goals, you can sometimes get a similar appearance of a surgical facelift without the need for surgery. This type of facial treatment will address multiple areas of the face at once. Also, it can address wrinkles, lines, facial laxity, volume loss, and more in one treatment.

Book A Complimentary Consultation

Whether you’re looking to treat just a few areas of your face, or if you’re looking for a complete makeover, we’d love to bring your dreams to life! We here at VIPS prioritize patient experience and results, so we want to help you find the proper treatment for you. We also offer one-time payments or payment plans to help make things as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Book a complimentary consultation with Dr. Vinyard to discuss more of what we can do for you!

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