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Breast sagging can happen for various reasons — whether it be from children, hormones, exercise, large breasts, or just normal aging, breast elasticity generally declines as time passes. A breast lift can reverse this by literally “lifting” the breast skin, cutting away the excess, and reshaping the breasts. This will result in perkier, even, and more youthful-looking breasts and nipples.

What Are the Types of Breast Lift?

While there are multiple breast lift techniques, Dr. William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS, prefers the lollipop approach where possible (also known as the vertical incision approach). In this technique, the incision for a breast lift is made in a lollipop fashion around the nipple with a vertical incision below the nipple. First, he snips away the loose, aged skin while removing unwanted breast tissue and fat. Then, he pulls the skin tight while repositioning the nipple/areola complex higher. This provides a healthier, more youthful appearance. Dr. Vinyard will also reconstruct the areola to reduce or reshape it if needed to achieve the desired result. 

A breast lift does precisely what the name implies: lifts the breasts. However, another option for a breast lift is a breast lift with breast augmentation surgery. If you’re looking for additional volume or sizing your breasts up, then you’d be interested in this popular dual procedure. In a breast lift with breast augmentation, Dr. Vinyard will insert the implant before closing the incisions. This option is growing in popularity since it “kills two birds with one stone” by providing a complete breast makeover, adding both volume and restored height to the breasts.

Are There Other Breast Lift Types?

While the lollipop method isn’t the only available breast lift method, it’s certainly the preferred technique. The lollipop method allows for more shaping, contouring, and perking than most other breast lift options. However, depending on your needs and taking into account any previous breast surgeries, Dr. Vinyard may opt for another breast lift technique. There are options such as: 

  • The Anchor Lift: This lift treats extreme sagging and is similar to the lollipop lift but requires an additional incision along the breast crease.
  • The Donut Lift: This lift is a circular incision around the areola, focusing most on repositioning the areola and the nipple. 
  • The Crescent Lift: This lift is even smaller, with an incision around half of the areola. Best suited for minor breast adjustments.

How Obvious Will My Scars Be?

The idea of a breast lift’s lollipop scars can be frightening to some women. However, Dr. Vinyard has mastered the art of “invisible” scars — his state-of-the-art technique for closing incisions allows for as minimal post-procedural scarring as possible. While the scars won’t truly be entirely “invisible,” they won’t be noticeable at all while wearing a bra and will be minimally noticeable nude. Additionally, we strongly recommend our patients to apply Silagen – a medical-grade scar refinement system – for up to a year after surgery to further reduce scarring.

How Will I Know Which Option Is Best for Me?

Dr. Vinyard would love to discuss the most suitable breast lift option for your body with you. With years of experience and education in the cosmetic surgery world and, furthermore, having advanced training and a Fellowship in breast surgery, Dr. Vinyard is passionate about bringing an artistic master’s touch to all of his patients, which has earned him the nickname, “The Makeover Master.” Dr. Vinyard will thoroughly assess your goals, physique, breast condition, and lifestyle in a one-on-one consultation which allows you to fully discuss all breast lift options and develop the perfect individualized treatment plan for you.

Here at Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, we will help you every step of the way. It’s our life’s mission to help women transform both their bodies and self-confidence to allow them to live their best life! 

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