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You have probably surfed the most remote edges of the internet, looking for the best plastic surgeon. Training, expertise, and before-and-after pictures must have been under your scope at all times during your search. Still, one question remains, and a mandatory one: “Why did my plastic surgeon choose this career path?”

As in any field, a wide range of reasons can motivate the choice of a career path: financial reasons, a mild affinity, perhaps even the parents’ advice. However, only a few of us are ready to respond to our true calling and pursue a career in the field that is most dear to our souls. In plastic surgery, choosing a practitioner who dedicated his time and energy towards achieving a lifetime goal can make the difference between a successful and a botched procedure.

Here at our office in Port St. Lucie, FL, Dr. William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS, combines his vast experience with his lifelong passion for plastic surgery. For this blog post, he took the time to answer a few questions for us and to describe his work, with all of its hardships and successes, making us understand how crucial passion and dedication can be when entering the operating room. Let’s dive into the interview and read his answers!

Question #1: When Did You First Learn about Plastic Surgery?


“When I was a college student, one of my biology professors took an interest in my dissection skills and told me I would make a great surgeon. She gave me all the materials I needed to learn more about the field. As I became more and more interested, my teachers put me in contact with a plastic surgeon who was willing to let me observe him in the operating room. I can still remember that particular day, seeing how he took on meticulous things. It was about complete control, all in a friendly environment, with music in the operating room which seemed to keep everyone calm and happy! 

The fact that he employed such a natural approach towards plastic surgery made me respect him tremendously. I fell in love with it in an instant. From there, choosing this career path was one step away. I knew what hardships laid in front of me, and I wasn’t sure I could ever make it. However, I decided to face the challenge and become a plastic surgeon.”

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Question #2: What Was The Process of Becoming a Plastic Surgeon Like? 


“The route that I took says a lot about my personality as a whole: to make sure that I could handle all patients, I had to be certain that I learned everything that I could beforehand. After a full five-year general surgery residency, followed by a two-year plastic surgery training, my mind was still uneasy – ‘What if I had done more training? What if I hadn’t missed this or that?  So I decided to pursue two additional specialized plastic surgery fellowships – an Advanced Breast Surgery Fellowship and an Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship with one of the most internationally recognized experts in the field. ”

“The process was long and arduous; however, when you love what you do, there is no such thing as a workday. Now that I think of it, I feel lucky to have followed such a long path towards becoming a plastic surgeon – there is nothing better than having the knowledge and using it to deal with every possible situation.”   

Question #3: How Did You Decide to Start Your Practice in Port St. Lucie, FL?


“I did my general surgery residency in Kansas, which is where I grew up. I did my plastic surgery training in California, and my advanced fellowship training in Alabama. Although my training path was long and exciting, something was missing. I really wanted to live by the ocean and cultivate my passion for scuba diving! We asked ourselves: ‘What is one of the best places in Southeast Florida for scuba diving?’ Therefore, we moved to Palm Beach and joined a plastic surgeon group. After a few years, I realized I needed the ability to control all aspects of my patient’s experience and so I opened my own practice, Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, on the Treasure Coast of South Florida  in Port St. Lucie!”

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Question #4: Do You Enjoy Plastic Surgery?


“There’s no way I could explain how much I love what I do. Making people feel good about themselves, changing their lives: these things make me a happy plastic surgeon. Many of the patients who enter my facility initially are experiencing self-image issues that make them unhappy, down and less self- confident; when they return to my office after their procedure, they are happy, smiling, and ready to share their feelings of satisfaction with me! That is something I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.”

Question #5: What is The Hardest Part of Being a Plastic Surgeon?


“If I had to, I would name two. The first one is my constant personal critique of my work. As I said, I’m an extremely meticulous person, therefore I’m always trying to improve upon the results that I create. Knowing that the patient’s happiness depends on me, I’m aiming as high as possible.”

“The second one is trying to break the way people see plastic surgery, especially in the media. On the one hand, you have practitioners who, regardless of their field of interest, can perform these procedures. On the other hand, you have the patients who choose these unqualified practitioners because of flashy marketing or low prices. The results? Failed procedures that fuel the stigma on the plastic surgery field as a whole. While the first one belongs to my personality, in my opinion, the second one can be fixed by raising awareness and proper research.”

Question #6: What is The Best Part of Your Job?


“Probably the best thing about my job is the fact that, somehow, it brings together my passions in a unique way. First, I’m always close to the beach, so I get to enjoy scuba diving all year long. Second, I get to do meticulous work, making people feel better about themselves. Third, there’s always room for my secret passion: singing! One of the key aspects of plastic surgery is creating a friendly atmosphere, so I like singing to my patients when they’re going to sleep or during in-office procedures. The patients always seem to enjoy that, which brings me a sense of fulfillment.”  Dr. Vinyard’s patients requested he create videos of him singing so they can hear him when they are not at his office.  If you would like to see his other passion of singing, you should check out his Instagram account: @countrysingingsurgeon!  

“I get to practice my dream job during the week and my passion for scuba diving and music during the weekends, all of them in SouthEast Florida. I guess I really do get to live a dream life!”

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Dr. Vinyard’s words can help us to see the field of plastic surgery’s beauty, its challenges, as well as the importance of being passionate in your work. More than that, we’ve seen how plastic surgery is much more than money or before-and-after pictures, but a way of life best suited for those who want to change other people’s lives and make them happier. If you are interested in enhancing your appearance and self-esteem and are searching for the right place to go, contact the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery and book your complimentary consultation with Dr. Vinyard today!  As you can imagine, patients from all over travel to have Dr. Vinyard perform their procedures.  If you live outside SouthEast Florida, don’t worry, contact his office (772) 212-0304 and they can help you with the details you would need to travel to their beautiful location for your desired procedure.

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