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Once a woman’s body has gone through years of rigorous sexual encounters, childbirth (or several), and possibly even menopause, it’s common for the sexual organs to experience changes. Fatigue to genital muscles is common from aging. Although there is the uncommon experience of sex improving with time, for most women, the effects of natural childbirth and aging tend to decrease the pleasure found in these activities. 

According to old wives’ tales, there are many ways to retighten and restore your youthful vaginal canal. Workouts such as kegels are well-known to improve muscular strength and enhance the stamina of pelvic flooring tissue during and after pregnancy, while sustaining the pelvic body organs (such as the uterus, anus, bladder, and small intestine). A strong pelvic flooring helps minimize urinary incontinence issues, assists in having more powerful climaxes, and makes childbirth easier if you plan to continue having future children. 

The effects of natural childbirth and aging tend to decrease the pleasure found in these activities.

Unfortunately, many of the claimed remedies for vaginal tightening are nothing more than old wives’ tales. We’re here to talk about what’s true and what’s nothing more than a fake placebo. 

#1. Taking "Genital Tightening" Tablets

According to a business on Amazon, their tablets will chemically tighten your vagina for only $50. Are they real? Definitely not. There’s absolutely nothing that you can take orally for your genital area which will influence the ‘rigidity’ of the vagina. These supposed genital tightening tablets have ingredients such as Manjakani extract or oak gall (a tumor-like bulb that grows on oak trees). There might certainly be a placebo result, explaining the shockingly high rating online, but certainly don’t spend your hard-earned money on these pills. Spend the $50 on martinis with friends instead.

fight back against aging

#2. Squats, Squats, And More Squats

It is occasionally claimed that squatting can improve the tightness of your vagina. Don’t misunderstand: squats are an incredible way to improve the appearance, tightness, strength, and size of your buttocks and quads. Sadly, they do, well, squat for your vagina. The rumors still fly, nonetheless. What should be mentioned is that the vagina is quite self-regulating and as your health improves overall (with a regular healthy diet, cardio, or strength training), so too will your vaginal health.

The vagina is quite self-regulating and as your health improves overall (with a regular healthy diet, cardio, or strength training), so too will your vaginal health.

#3. Attempting "Vaginal Tightening" Creams

Next up is the wide-spread creams which claim to tighten your vaginal area. With names like ‘18 Again’ and ‘Like A Virgin’ they don’t merely have bizarre names, but strange labels. For instance, the 18 Again product label refers to the vagina as a, “whoesy whatsy!” This probably shouldn’t even have to be said, but it’s a wise rule of thumb not to trust your vaginal health to anyone who refers to it as a “whoesy whatsy.” The cornerstone of these frauds is the inclusion of glycerin in the lube. 

Experts note that including glycerin in vaginal lubricants can be unsafe because they can cause yeast or microbial infections. The bottom line? These are a severe waste of money. Besides, do you really want to be 18 forever? We sure don’t.

These are a severe waste of money. Besides, do you really want to be 18 forever? We sure don't.

#4. Trying Out Vaginal Weights

Different from tightening lotions or pills, vaginal weights actually have some advantages. When utilized properly, they can improve your Kegel practice by making it simpler and more fun. Doing Kegels and other pelvic floor exercises with weights encourages stronger, more predictable, and more memorable climaxes. The weights, of course, can’t be too heavy, or you could cause yourself serious harm, in addition to always using proper technique. Whereas lotions or pills are clearly marketed to profit, genital weights such as yoni eggs or Ben Wa balls (Kegel balls) can provide a bit of improvement. However, these only help improve the Kegel practice and won’t provide substantial improvement or restoration to the vaginal area.

say hello to a younger vagina

#5. Scheduling Surgical Or Laser Treatment

The only truly restorative treatment of the vaginal area is one of two options which can be performed by a properly trained and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon: laser treatments such as DiVa, or surgical reparation. 

There has been a serious rise in genital plastic surgeries such as labiaplasty (which transforms the size and shape of the lips around the vulva) or vaginoplasty (which surgically tightens the vaginal canal). A vaginoplasty is performed by removing skin from inside the vaginal canal and then suturing the remaining vaginal tissue back together. A labiaplasty tends to cost around $4,000, while a vaginoplasty tends to cost around $5,000, but DiVa treatments tend to run under $2,000.

A labiaplasty tends to cost around $4,000, while a vaginoplasty tends to cost around $5,000, but DiVa treatments tend to run under $2,000.

One Patient’s Story Of Their Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation

“Although I have never dealt with any issues in the vagina department, I’m a mother who twice gave birth vaginally. Despite years passing and some issues (such as urinary incontinence) resolving naturally, I never truly felt like everything down there returned to normal, so I decided to try out a laser genital tightening treatment. 

The lasers encourage the development of painless, tiny splits in the vaginal canal which motivate the body to grow new collagen and blood vessels. As the body heals, the genital cells not only become more powerful but experience enhanced lubrication (ahem, can you say ridiculously better sex).

The Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation Procedure

After the preliminary consultation, during which the surgeon thoroughly discussed the ins and outs of what to expect during the 10-minute treatment. I was relieved to hear the word “painless” multiple times. Then, it was time for the examination. I was escorted to an examination room with a gynecologist’s chair complete with braces, a laser maker, and women’s magazines. I took off my shoes, pants, and panties and draped a paper over my privates (though after having invested the previous half hour talking about vaginas and clitorises, any previous embarrassment had vanished).

enjoy sex again

My surgeon briefly examined my vagina to ensure everything looked okay down there and promised to talk me through every stage of the treatment. She presented me to my new laser pal, a gadget that would be inserted into my vagina and which I can only refer to as the most charismatic, glam vibrator I’ve ever seen. 

The surgeon slipped a wand-type apparatus around the maker, including a 360-degree rotator. It’s less disgusting that one would imagine since it’s never used more than once. This was then coated with a lubricating substance. She placed the wand so that the laser could focus on three specific points in the vaginal area: the point furthest from the opening, directly in the center, and near the genital opening. She performed this 3 times with a stronger laser each time. 

A labiaplasty tends to cost around $4,000, while a vaginoplasty tends to cost around $5,000, but DiVa treatments tend to run under $2,000.

The procedure was as painless as they had promised! It felt like a heavy-flow tampon was being continually inserted into my body. Having something turn inside your vagina might make you feel a bit like a rotisserie chicken, but it’s probably 10 times more comfortable than your typical pap smear. The surgeon reminded me that I would likely experience discharge and should avoid sexual intercourse for at least four days. Aside from that, I could return to normal activities.

So... Was It Worth It?

Right after the treatment, I took myself out to dinner to celebrate my new vagina. There’s something pretty hot about treating yourself to a surgery designed for your pleasure. Plus I immediately felt turned on and ready to jump all over my hubby (although I knew I had to wait a few days before I was in the clear to have sex again).

Oh, and the sex? My husband said, "It feels incredible!"

I experienced zero negative side effects or discomfort during the following few days, but did observe a reduction in the need to urinate during my regular HIIT workout. It’s a bit too early to say whether this reduction in urinary incontinence will be permanent, but if it is, I’ll certainly take it! 

Oh, and the sex? Well one of the most recognizable things about sex a few days later was that I became wet extremely quickly – I’m talking like before we were even midway into foreplay. That alone made sex intensely pleasant from the beginning. I did not really deserve a difference in tightness, but once again, I was told that it typically takes two to three procedures to really feel a stronger grasp on your partner’s penis. My husband said, “It feels incredible!” 

say hello to a younger vagina

Quasi-resolved bladder concerns and incredible sex aside, one of the most critical takeaways from me after undergoing the laser treatment was that a tighter vaginal canal is not the key to a female’s happiness, because it’s not. My husband and I work to maintain a healthy sex life and don’t believe that we necessarily have to transform our bodies to feel amazing about ourselves. That said, there’s absolutely no shame in showing your vagina a little love. If treatments like these cause better sex, extra powerful climaxes, and pee-less exercises, it’s only for the better! 

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