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If you have ever considered plastic surgery, one of the first things your probably did is pondered how your friends and family will react. You imagine announcing at your next family reunion that “Grandma’s getting a facelift!” or telling all your girlfriends over coffee that you’re considering finally getting that breast augmentation you’ve been talking about for so long. How does the scene end? Is your family excited for you to enjoy an enhanced face and renewed confidence? Are your girlfriends rejoicing with you and the new and exciting changes ahead?

In reality, they probably will, but mentally, you may assume the outcome to be negative. There is a taboo that surrounds cosmetic surgery, and we’re here to tell you that it is completely unneccesary. There are countless reasons to consider a cosmetic procedure, and there are literally thousands of people from all walks of life, who have chosen this route. From ordinary people you might run into in the grocery store, to politicians and celebrities, plastic surgery is an option that has been chosen by so many people. Here are 18 well-known celebrities that may or may not surprise you, who have admitted to having plastic surgery.

1. Patricia Heaton

Patricia Heaton, famed TV star shared how after having 4 caesarean sections and breastfeeding her babies she was disheartened when it came time to don fabulous gowns for big events. She had a mommy makeover (including tummy tuck) and was thrilled to confidently pose for paparazzi at galas and premiers once again!

2. Naya Rivera

One of the cast members of the TV show Glee, Naya Rivera opened up about having a breast augmentation done when she was 18 years old. She said people loved the results so much they were tripping over themselves to open doors for her!

3. Kelly Rowland

Interestingly enough, mentors in Kelly Rowland’s life advised her to wait for her breast augmentation she was hoping to have done. This is sound advice, as the ideal candidate for breast augmentation is someone who is finished with her childbearing and breastfeeding journey. The big day finally came for Kelly ten years later, and she was thrilled to finally have the breasts she was hoping for!

She was thrilled to finally have the breasts which she had been hoping for for the past 10 years!

4. Linda Evangelista

Linda claimed in an interview to be one of the first people in Hollywood to honestly admit she was getting Botox injections, and she declared there was absolutely no shame in getting a bit of enhancement; the shame is created when people hide the truth.

5. Brooke Shields

During her modeling career, Brooke Shields spilled the secret of a good Botox injection: a light hand! By having a board-certified plastic surgeon strategically inject Botox with a lighter touch, your end results will have an organic, natural glow! She also expressed a desire to have laser treatment done to address some wrinkles.

6. Melissa Gorga

Melissa captioned an Instagram photo with an admonition to follow your doctor’s orders and switch out your breast implants after their time is up!

7. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Anistion, another one of Hollywood’s sweethearts praised the surgery she had to fix her deviated septum, attributing her great sleep to this surgery. 

Wanting to be open and honest with her fans, and to share the happiness she felt due to the results, she opened up about her plastic surgery.

8. Christie Brinkley

Brinkley opened up about her choice to pursue cosmetic assistance for her frown lines, neck, and chest. She worried that people would call her out for being a fake, or a phony, but voiced a desire to simply be open and honest with her fans, and share the happiness she felt with the results.

9. Ashley Tisdale

Another deviated septum sufferer Ashley Tisdale chose to undergo plastic surgery, rather than continuing to struggle with breathing issues.

10. Lisa Kudrow

Phoebe–Lisa that is, had a rhinoplasty done when she was 16 years old, and she went on to describe this event as life-altering. Lisa tells the story of how she went from “feeling hideous, to not hideous,” and calls it a “good, good change”.

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11. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie spoke out about her decision to undergo some serious plastic surgery procedures, including a preventative double mastectomy and surgery after to reconstruct.

12. Kris Jenner

One of the Grandmammas of the Kardashian “klan” Kris Jenner admitted to having a facelift right before Kim Kardashian’s second wedding (also known as the one before she married Kanye).

13. Jillian Michaels

Fitness guru and workout model Jillian Michaels attested to having a nose job when she was six years old, and declared it to be life-changing.

She declared plastic surgery to be a personal right - something that was no one else's business!

14. Cher

Music legend Cher has not been shy of talking about plastic surgery that she’s had done, but refuses to comment on all the many surgeries people speculate about her having. She declared plastic surgery to be a personal right, and a business that is no one else’s but her own!

15. Robin Wright

In several interviews Robin Wright assured press that while she was getting Botox and was happy to admit it because she loved it, anyone who was refusing to admit receiving Botox treatments was not being honest. She confided that basically everyone in Hollywood is getting Botox.

16. Jane Fonda

Talking about her plastic surgeries was all in good fun for Jane Fonda, who made jokes about her chin, neck, and eye lifts by saying she chose to get a haircut at the same time, so people would think the haircut was the most noticeable difference. She said she was planning on going public with what cosmetic surgeries she had done, and that she was so glad she did!

17. Kelly Ripa

Ripa told the story of how so many people began asking her if she was angry because of her facial expressions, which led her to declare, “It’s time for Botox!”

18. Anna Faris

The ex-wife of one of Hollywood’s current leading men, Christ Pratt, Anna Faris has spoken out about her journey with lip injections, and what led to her decision to undergo a breast enhancement.

She always chose to get a haircut at the same time, so that people would think the haircut was the most noticeable difference.

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