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Every single plastic surgeon devotes years of active learning before being entrusted with your aesthetic goals. From college to fellowship training, future plastic surgeons immerse themselves in the study of both anatomy and aesthetics, with the will to help patients improve their looks or recover from unfortunate accidents always on their horizon.

The road to becoming a plastic surgeon differs from one surgeon to another. We have examples of people who have purposefully chosen the longest and most challenging way to become the plastic surgeons they are today. For these people, knowing every single detail about a subject gives them the confidence to welcome patients every single day.

Here at the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery in Port St. Lucie, FL, our medical team is proud to be led by a plastic surgeon whose desire for knowledge and self-improvement can never be quenched. Dr. William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS, devotes all of his time to becoming a better learner, a better plastic surgeon, and a better human every day. In this blog, we’re going to listen to Dr. Vinyard as he talks to us about being a plastic surgeon, how he builds long-lasting relationships with patients and the way he combines plastic surgery with one of his dear hobbies – singing!   

What was the Defining Moment for Dr. Vinyard in Becoming a Plastic Surgeon?

As a young man, Dr. Vinyard, a biology enthusiast, showed admirable dissection skills during college, which attracted one of his teachers’ attention. He had already experienced meticulous work as a young man, learning from his father, an electrician. However, it was only after observing a Plastic Surgeon operate that he decided to take this path.  “When I observed a plastic surgeon operating for the first time, I knew it was what I wanted to do.  He was able to change lives and help people gain self-confidence. I loved the personal connection that he was able to achieve with his patients.”  Dr. Vinyard tells us.

Always Taking the Longest and Hardest Route

The moment he chose his future career path, Dr. Vinyard started learning everything there is to know about plastic surgery. “I did my general surgery residency in Kansas, which is where I grew up. I did my plastic surgery training in California and my advanced aesthetic fellowship training in Alabama.” Even after reaching the summit of his training, Dr. Vinyard saw himself ready to immerse himself in the plastic surgery field even further and find answers to all of his questions. “After a full five-year general surgery residency, followed by a two-year plastic surgery training, my mind was still uneasy – ‘What if I had done more training? What if I hadn’t missed this or that? So I decided to pursue two additional specialized plastic surgery fellowships – an Advanced Breast Surgery Fellowship and an Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship with one of the most internationally recognized experts in the field.”

Answering the Call to the Sea

As a child, Dr. Vinyard dreamed of living by the sea.  His first opportunity was during his plastic surgery training in northern California.  His desire to pursue further training in cosmetic plastic surgery took him to Birmingham, Alabama.  After completing his advanced fellowship training, he was recruited to a hospital system in northern Alabama where he spent an additional four years practicing plastic surgery.  However, his ‘call to the sea’ became even stronger so he decided to move to southeast Florida and join a plastic surgery group in Palm Beach.  Dr. Vinyard’s passion for marine life and for helping others inspired him to become a certified Rescue Scuba Diver.  After four years in group practice, Dr. Vinyard decided to return to private practice and create the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, in Port St. Lucie, Florida, “where the Experience can be as great as the Results.” 

Building Long-Lasting Relationships with Patients

Dr. Vinyard began his journey as a plastic surgeon with the firm belief that there is a strong link between patient care and procedure results. For that reason, taking the necessary time to know and forge relationships with his patients is one of his top priorities. “During our consultation with the patient, I really do like to get to know who they are and what their desires are. That helps me to create an ideal treatment plan for them because no two patients are alike, and this will help me to be able to provide them a way to feel and look their best.” 

As the patients enter the VIPS office doors, they, at once, become members of the VIPS family, where their stories, questions, and concerns are always listened to: “We really want it to feel like a family environment, and we do that in several different ways, one of which is the care that they (the patients) get from our staff. We really have compassionate and caring staff here that want to get to know our patients. They have accessibility to reaching each of our day or night.”

Plastic Surgery and the Passion for Music

For Dr. Vinyard, the beauty of plastic surgery resides not only in the ability to change people’s lives but to also help them improve their confidence. Even when he is at the office, ready to perform a procedure, he finds the time to cultivate one of his dear hobbies – singing! A big fan of country music himself, Dr. Vinyard creates an atmosphere of safety and trust in the procedure room through the power of song: “One of the unique things that we do at our practice is, I like to sing to our patients. I like to sing to our patients when they’re going to sleep before their procedure. It helps them feel more comfortable and relaxed. When we’re doing in-office procedures, I like to sing as well, and the patients seem to really enjoy that.” As a matter of fact, the patients enjoyed Dr. Vinyard’s voice so much that they requested videos of him singing; that way, they could listen to his songs outside the VIPS office as well. If you would like to listen to his songs, you should search and go through his Instagram account:@countrysingingsurgeon!

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Living in SE Florida as a plastic surgeon who sings to his patients and who does scuba diving on the weekends truly is a dream life, as Dr. Vinyard told us. His example proves that being passionate about your work while striving to become a better version of yourself every day is the right way to approach the world of plastic surgery. If you would like to learn more about the procedures performed at the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, contact us and book your complimentary consultation with Dr. Vinyard today!

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