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When it comes to popular cosmetic surgery procedures, a large portion of the attention goes towards abdominal rejuvenation. Over the past few decades, medical science has made numerous improvements, creating newer, more sophisticated methods to ensure safe and thorough fat removal around the abdominal area. All around the U.S., plastic surgeons saluted these improvements, materialized either into new devices, such as BODYtite, or into better-quality surgical procedures.

One of the big winners of these technological advancements was a surgical procedure whose name we always associate with superior fat removal and a slimmer abdomen. You’ve guessed it right – it’s liposuction surgery! Today, we’re taking the opportunity to look into the top questions surrounding this renowned procedure – how it’s done and how much fat can be removed!

What is Liposuction Surgery?

The idea behind this procedure is easy to comprehend: through a small incision, the plastic surgeon opens the way for a small tube, called a cannula, to be inserted and remove dislodged fat through suction. Depending on the cannula size, shape, and number of holes, the plastic surgeon can remove different quantities of fat from your body.

Recent technological development in medical science has led to the creation of an enhanced liposuction technique and results – the BODYtite procedure! By harnessing the benefits of radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis, this new procedure melts the fat before removal through traditional liposuction techniques. The benefit of melting the fat prior to removal is that melted fat is removed in a more uniform and predictable fashion when performed by an experienced Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon. In addition, the heat generated by the BODYtite machine stimulates the patient’s overlying skin to contract through a process of collagen stimulation and increased elastin production. Noticing its unquestionable benefits, Dr. William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS, has made BODYtite a valuable asset of his medical facility in Port St. Lucie, FL.

Who Should Undergo Liposuction Treatment?

While not a small number of people qualify for fat removal, liposuction surgery entails a different experience for each patient. It is crucial to take into consideration several aspects of our lifestyles before setting our minds on this procedure.

When we look at the ideal candidate for liposuction surgery, we get the following image: an adult who is close to the ideal weight, with elastic skin and superior muscle tone, whose health is not threatened by serious illnesses, and who refrains from noxious habits such as smoking tobacco.

If endless workout sessions and responsible diets are not enough for you to do away with stubborn fat pockets, liposuction surgery could be your best alternative!

How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

Looking at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ 2019 statistics, we see how the pricing for this procedure stands somewhere around $3,500. Because of several other factors and related expenses, the pricing may vary. However, we do not recommend that you choose a practitioner relying only on financial criteria – quality must be your top priority!

Since we want to make it easier for you to undergo your desired procedure, financing options are available to be more suitable for your needs. Learn more about this incredible opportunity during your complimentary consultation!

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What to Expect from Liposuction

As you leave the procedure room, it will take a few days to notice dramatic improvements. With the swelling and fluid retention generally subsiding after a few days, your enhanced body contour will gradually become apparent. When done appropriately, the results can last for many years to come.

However, it is crucial to understand that liposuction is not a miracle-worker when it comes to weight loss. While you do experience minor weight loss during the procedure, exaggerated expectations might end up leaving you with a bitter taste.

Before The Liposuction Procedure

As you’re preparing yourself for the procedure, you will be asked to include or remove specific drugs from your medication plan and to abstain from particular habits, such as smoking. It would be recommended that you arrange for someone (for example, your spouse or a close friend) to drive you to and from the medical facility and be ready to assist you during your first days of recovery.

How Much Fat Can Be Removed?

We can answer this question only if we consider several factors. First, each state has imposed its limit on removable fat through liposuction. Second, we cannot consider the amount of fat we want to be removed unless we know for sure how much fat we want to keep. For an aesthetically appealing look, a balance has to be kept. Removing just the right amount of fat is key to a successful procedure. As a point of reference, you can remove upward of three to five liters of fatty tissue, depending on the state and facility restrictions.

How Much Weight Can Be Lost?

Many patients mistake liposuction for weight loss in general. Always remember that sudden weight loss is dangerous for the body; a liposuction procedure cannot be a substitute for exercise and a proper diet. Plastic surgeons do not usually focus on how much weight they can remove from a patient but instead focus on the new body shape they are trying to create. When a liposuction procedure is performed correctly, the patient will appear to have lost a lot more weight than the actual weight that was lost. This is because fat does not weigh very much. In fact, water weighs more than fat.

Recovering from Liposuction

Unless recommended otherwise by the plastic surgeon, you can leave the medical facility right after the procedure. You will receive a compression garment to keep the swelling in check. For the first few weeks, it is advised that you refrain from any strenuous activity, such as heavy workouts. If your job doesn’t imply effortful work, you can return to your workplace after a few days of rest.

If you’re looking to expedite the recovery process, hydration, high protein intake, and light exercise are the perfect place to start!

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Liposuction Results Gone Wrong

You’ve probably watched videos of how a liposuction procedure is done, and you’ve been left with a bitter taste. That is not surprising since a high number of practitioners are looking to perform this procedure as quickly as possible, a clear sign of their lacking skills and techniques.

Always remember that the surgeon’s training and skills do make a difference. Here at the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, our purpose is to provide a gentler, more aesthetic-focused approach to liposuction. The key to a superior procedure hides in the details, and that’s where Dr. Vinyard’s team is focusing all of its attention and skills.

Choosing a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

When results triumph over safety, the liposuction procedure’s success is at stake, not to mention the patient’s health. In an overwhelming number of liposuction procedures gone wrong, the fault lies in the provider’s lack of professionalism and skills. The results? Too much fat extracted from the body, plus other complications.

Liposuction surgery is one of the most common procedures performed by practitioners lacking the Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon certification, which, in many cases, is a safe ticket to a botched procedure. Any physician can buy the necessary equipment and pretend to be a plastic surgeon. However, you shouldn’t place your faith in just anyone! For superior treatment, customer care, and results, always look to entrust yourself in the hands of a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon – their certification stands as proof of their outstanding training and continuous search for improvements.

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Our medical team’s primary goal is to see you happy, confident, and proud of your appearance. If you’re ready to give liposuction a chance, contact us today and book your complimentary consultation!

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