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The numbers are in, and yes – BOTOX (scientifically known as Botulinum Toxin A) is leading the 2019 minimally-invasive procedure trend for plastic surgery in the U.S., both for men and women. Aside from that, the number of patients who opt for BOTOX at a younger age is experiencing constant annual growth. The conclusion? BOTOX is not only here to stay, but is also attracting more and more attention from the majority of age groups, which is encouraging news for plastic surgeons nationwide.

However, the medical and aesthetic implications of this treatment differ from one age group to another. While younger patients can still enjoy their skin’s natural glow and volume, older patients have turned thoughts on facial rejuvenation into a common recurrence. The bottom line is, BOTOX has stopped being a once-in-a-lifetime kind of procedure a long time ago. Today is all about the right age to start and the number of BOTOX units necessary for each age group. Following this general trend, let’s talk about the changes your facial skin experiences in your 50s and about how many units of BOTOX are enough to fix them.

How Your Skin Changes in Your Fifties


Since it is your natural barrier against extrinsic factors, you shouldn’t be surprised to notice dramatic changes happening to your skin. Take the example of someone living their whole life in Florida – constant sun exposure, accompanied by noxious habits such as excessive drinking, lack of exercise, and smoking, can make them look ten to twenty years older! Not to mention intrinsic factors, such as genetics and skin type, which do nothing but amplify the signs of aging.

 What does that mean for your skin? More pronounced wrinkles and fine lines, loss of skin tone and radiance, dehydration, and an increasingly older look. The time has come for you to take action (if you haven’t by now) and, once again, enjoy a stunning look!

What BOTOX Does to Counteract The Natural Aging of Your Skin

BOTOX enjoys the reputation of being an effective minimally-invasive treatment regardless of age group. The Botulinum Toxin A relaxes the muscles that are causing the wrinkles in the first place, making it ideal for crow’s feet, glabellar lines (between the brows, forehead wrinkles, top lip lines, and so much more. Both static wrinkles (caused by decades of smiling and frowning) and dynamic wrinkles (visible only when we make facial expressions) can be treated with BOTOX. However, the benefits brought by BOTOX are not limited to treating wrinkles; on the contrary, it can bring numerous other improvements related to other conditions, such as chin dimpling, square jawline, and gummy smile.

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Everything You Should Know about BOTOX in Your Fifties


Now that you know a few things about how BOTOX counteracts the natural aging of your skin, let’s dive deeper into the subject and learn more about undergoing a BOTOX procedure in your fifties!

Signs That You’re Ready to Start BOTOX 


Have the permanent wrinkles begun to settle into the skin? Are wrinkles apparent even when you are not contracting the muscles? The time has come to consult a plastic surgeon! During your complimentary consultation, Dr. William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS, will take the time to explain to you the difference between dynamic and static wrinkles and how BOTOX can correct them both.

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When It’s Still Too Early for BOTOX


The truth is, finding a universal answer to this question is a difficult challenge. The most important fact that needs to be stated is that people go through the aging process differently – while some of you might retain a healthy, gorgeous look in their 30s, others begin to display visible fine lines and wrinkles. Some patients suffer from an accelerated aging process due to genetic reasons or have adopted less-healthy habits, such as smoking. Because of that, choosing the right moment to start preventative BOTOX mostly depends on each patient. If you’re in your late 20s or early 30s and are concerned about the wrinkles and fine lines that begin to appear, then BOTOX is the top choice for you! Make sure that you schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Vinyard for an expert opinion first.

How Much BOTOX is Too Much?


We have all been warned that, no matter what we do, the excess can backfire. The same applies to BOTOX; too much of it leaves no room for movement, causing the dreaded, stereotypical frozen appearance.       

How can you avoid that? When it comes to BOTOX, less is more. Let’s give a few examples of muscles often treated with BOTOX:

  • For the glabella muscles (situated between the eyebrows and above the nose) and the forehead, approx. 20-40 units of BOTOX are sufficient.
  • For crow’s feet, approx. 20-24 units (10-12 for each side) will suffice.

Over the decades, multiple scientific tests have been conducted to ensure proper BOTOX usage, which led to the creation of numerous guidelines and safety protocols. Out of all, the most renowned ones are the Allergen guidelines, which are available for consulting here. Here at the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, the number one priority is safety, which is why our medical team will always work within official recommendations.

How Much Does BOTOX Cost? 


You have probably noticed that there is no standard price for a BOTOX unit, which is easy to explain. Since it does not depend solely on the drug itself, the price fluctuates according to the practitioner’s experience – for example, an inexperienced practitioner might ask less only to sell more. However, that is not the right way to go.

We aim both to provide superior results and make different facial rejuvenation treatments available to everyone. For that reason, this month, we are running a BOTOX special – you will receive 20 complimentary units of BOTOX if you purchase two full syringes of any Juvederm product! With this special, the superior facial rejuvenation treatment is only one step away! We are also offering a “Bank your BOTOX” program where you can purchase a 100 unit vial at a discounted price, use what you need and “bank” what you don’t! 

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The Benefit of Receiving BOTOX from a Plastic Surgeon’s Office 


The prospect of a cheap procedure lures in numerous patients every year. However, this does not always lead to the desired result; on the contrary, it can be the first step towards a botched procedure!

That is why receiving BOTOX from a plastic surgeon’s office is paramount for your well-being. In most cases, the patient chooses to undergo a procedure that is not even fit to solve their aesthetic issues. For example, in the case of a heavy forehead, the patient could opt for BOTOX when, in reality, the most effective treatment would be a blepharoplasty to help the eyes appear less “dropped”. When choosing a plastic surgeon’s office, you are sure to receive medical advice tailored to your needs, ensuring a pleasant and successful procedure!

If you’re looking for more information on BOTOX and its benefits, you’re welcome to join us for a complimentary consultation! The VIPS team will respond to all of your questions and describe to you in detail every procedure step, making sure that you feel 100% comfortable before making your final decision. Have we already convinced you? Get in touch with Dr. Vinyard’s medical team today!

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