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Choosing the perfect breast implant size is a big task that’s more personalized, thoughtful, complicated, and in-depth than most people realize. It’s more than screenshotting images off of googling celebrity bodies or cutting photos from Victoria Secret catalogs. While celebrities and models can be great for inspiration, here at Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, our medical team, led by Dr. William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS, makes sure that your breast augmentation is personalized to YOU, your goals, and your desires. From idea conception until post-op care, we will help you have a thoroughly enjoyable experience with breast results that feel beautifully perfect for you. Keep reading to learn more about how we can help you achieve your dream figure.

A Personalized Experience Built Around YOU

To begin a breast augmentation journey, you’ll have a consultation meeting with Dr. Vinyard. In this consultation, it’s important to verbalize what your goals are. Are you looking to give your breasts an extra umph after having children? Are you looking to increase your size a lot, a little, or somewhere in between? Are you looking for perkier, lifted breasts? Are you hoping to change areola, nipple placement, etc.? Feel free to bring inspiration photos to the consultation too. Be sure to express your desires to Dr. Vinyard so that he can begin creating a plan perfect for you. Sometimes, depending on what they describe, women who want a breast augmentation actually want a breast lift, lift-augmentation combination, a breast reduction, or type of reconstruction. Dr. Vinyard can start penning notes, sharing ideas, and using his experienced eye to develop a plan.

Additionally, it’s essential to share whether you’re looking for a natural or a more artificial look/feel. There are many different types of breast implant options (such as saline, silicone implants, or fat transfers). Depending on your vision, one may be superior to the other. We have free samples in the office, so you can get a hands-on feel on what implants you prefer. 

Ultimately, we want to understand your vision so that we can help you develop a plan. With Dr. Vinyard, scheduling a consultation is far more than just picking a size and implant — it’s about getting to know you, your desires, your preferences. Using our highly trained staff, we shall create a wholly unique and personalized plan so that your breasts are genuinely YOURS, from start to finish.

The Perfect Breasts = Aesthetics + Math

Here at Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, we firmly believe that aesthetics are king and math is the crown. We won’t just “eyeball” what breast implants might fit your body type or ideal goals. We want to know for sure that you’re getting precisely your vision. That means getting down to the nitty-gritty proportions and symmetry. 

Some of the measurements Dr. Vinyard will take are the sternal notch to nipple measurement, nipple to fold measurement, nipple to nipple distance measurement, areola size, chest width size, and more. These measurements will help Dr. Vinyard determine what implant dimensions, placement, and ratios are necessary to fit the chest wall adequately and what proportions match which looks. Dr. Vinyard will note original tissue mass, skin elasticity, profile view, front view, and much more. You can trust that your breasts will not only be visually aesthetically but also mathematically aesthetically pleasing! 

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What Works For Your Body

Based on the narrowed-down implant sizes/make/material chosen, Dr. Vinyard will order and have each size available with sterile implant sizers to have during surgery. Then, when that long-awaited day comes, the final piece of the puzzle can be figured out: how your internal tissue interacts with the different implant sizes. Your body should interact appropriately with the implant. We want to make sure things go as smoothly as possible, so we prioritize your body’s reactions with the different implants. This allows Dr. Vinyard to choose the perfect breast implant for your body, too, so that both size, look, and feel are perfect. 

We absolutely love helping patients achieve their breast goals and making a fully-personalized, luxurious experience for each patient. We look forward to working with you soon!

“Just What I Asked For! – I recently had breast implants, after contemplating them for several years. My fear was that they would be too big and/or would not fit my body frame. I found Dr. Vinyard through RealSelf, and read all of his wonderful reviews. So, I made an appointment. I am 2 months post op, and I am SO PLEASED with the results! Dr. Vineyard listened to my concerns, and did just what I asked. I am amazed at how well everything turned out. Thank you to the whole team at Vinyard Plastic Surgery!!”

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Want to get started on your breast augmentation journey? We would love to get to know you and hear about your desires! Our highly trained staff, luxurious office, and experienced doctors would love to help find you the PERFECT breast implant size. Contact us and schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Vinyard today!

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