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Breast augmentation procedures have steadily remained one of America’s most popular cosmetic procedures, and for good reason! Women seeking to increase their breast size, improve their bust line, and have a more appealing silhouette are often drawn to the idea of undergoing a breast augmentation. But breast augmentation scars, on the other hand, don’t quite draw the same appeal. Often, when women are inquiring about a breast augmentation here at the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, one of the first questions posed is, “Will my breast augmentation surgery leave a scar?” To learn more about breast augmentation surgery and how you can minimize scarring, read below! 

Will Breast Augmentation Surgery Leave a Scar?

Since breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that involves making incisions in the skin, there will likely be some scarring. However, this shouldn’t deter someone from having the procedure. With the right plastic surgeon and the proper aftercare, your breast augmentation scars can be unnoticeable! 

The type of breast augmentation being performed will determine the incision type. Additionally, if you’re getting a breast augmentation with a breast lift, there will be additional incisions due to the extent of the procedure. However, additional incisions do not necessarily provoke additional scarring.

How Can I Avoid Scarring?

Choosing the right surgeon is of prime importance to minimizing the development of significant scarring.. There is a notable difference between an inexperienced, unartistic surgeon and one that is a master of his craft, like Dr. William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS. Having a highly skilled surgeon will affect incision placement, incision technique, time spent on the incision, how the surgeon closes the incision, what tools the surgeon uses, and their medical expertise. A surgical procedure such as a breast augmentation is a life changing decision and choosing the right plastic surgeon is key to achieving flawless results, including minimal scarring.

Furthermore, being on top of your post-op care will ensure proper healing and reduce the appearance and severity of scarring.. Following your surgeon’s instructions, being sure not to over-strain yourself, staying hydrated, and following medical advice will significantly facilitate the healing process. Additionally, keep in mind that all scars will be noticeable right after surgery. It isn’t until after completely healing that they will begin to fade. This can take several months, even up to a year. Be patient and trust the process!

Dr. Vinyard’s Secret to “Invisible” Scars

Dr. William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS, has spent decades studying, performing, and perfecting breast augmentations. His artistic eye, caring demeanor, and deep knowledge about the human body have enabled him to develop various methods to keep scarring down to an absolute minimum. His breast augmentation incision technique results in “invisible” scarring, meaning that once the scar has healed, it has almost entirely faded and is nearly invisible. 

There are few things that Dr. Vinyard loves more than natural looking results, so making scars as imperceivable as possible is a priority. By using an inframammary incision (in the fold beneath the breast), Dr. Vinyard hides the incision at the natural crease of the breast. Additionally, this approach decreases the damage to the breast tissue, allowing for less bodily stress during healing. Finally, this technique allows Dr. Vinyard to make very small incisions, imperceptible in the tiniest of bathing suits and underwear.

Dr. Vinyard also uses the Keller Funnel, a device that allows the plastic surgeon to insert a silicone breast implant into a small incision (around 3.5cm, whereas other insertions are generally around 5cm). This technique makes the incision even smaller and is also nearly “invisible” post-healing.

Breast Augmentations at VIPS

Dr. Vinyard’s dedication to aesthetics and creating natural-looking results are apparent in every procedure he performs. During your personalized consultation, Dr. Vinyard will take your body type, physique, goals, and aesthetic desires into account when helping you choose what type of implant is right for you and whether pairing your procedure with a breast lift will provide even better results. Finally, Dr. Vinyard and his team will deliver top-notch care to make your breast augmentation smooth and successful. Additionally, he’ll follow up with you frequently post-operatively to ensure that you’re healing correctly and answer any additional questions you may have. 

Every procedure here at VIPS is a work of art, and all of our patients deserve to be masterpieces. We want to help you achieve your goals and feel confident in your own skin.

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