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It’s no secret that the big Hollywood names take to the plastic surgeon’s office from time to time to make some of their aesthetic imperfections magically disappear. Nowadays, instead of asking “why are they doing it?” people are anxious to find out an answer to the “who?” and “where did they get it?” questions, and the tabloids, together with online news articles, are quick to spot these changes and back them up with before-and-after photos. One only needs to do a quick Google search on before-and-after photos of the Kardashians; the number of results will surely make your jaw drop!

The celebrities who rely on plastic surgery to bring forth a better aesthetic version of themselves fall into two categories: those who do their best to hide the apparent truth and those who are more than happy to become spokespeople for different procedures. While the latter are more than happy to share the new trends of plastic surgery with the world, the former are less than keen to divulge their secrets outside the world of celebrities, hoping to keep the benefits of new plastic surgery treatments to themselves.


CoolSculpting® Elite, Hollywood’s Best-Kept Secret

In this category falls the newest addition to the Allergan family of noninvasive fat reduction devices, one that uses the wonders of cryolipolysis (fat-freezing technology) to target and remove unwanted fatty tissue, helping Hollywood celebrities keep their ideal body contour without much of a hassle: CoolSculpting® Elite. This “new generation of cool” is ready to open up a new era of body contouring and fat removal, with better fat reduction than its predecessor, CoolSculpting® Elite, little to no downtime, and permanent results!

The plastic surgeons themselves were quick to notice and praise CoolSculpting® Elite’s benefits. “The redesigned and RE-engineered Elite system takes CoolSculpting to the next level, and there will be no turning back! We are seeing great results, side-by-side with a better client experience, both during and after the treatments.” Dr. David Rapaport, MD, shares. 

“But what about these CoolSculpting® Elite benefits, and how can I learn more about them?” You may be asking. We think there’s no better way to learn more about this procedure and its benefits than through the words of celebrities who, having undergone the CoolSculpting® treatment, were more than happy to become its ambassadors. As Molly Sims deemed it, “The CoolSculpting® procedure is Hollywood’s best-kept secret,” and the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery team is here to share it with you!

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#1: CoolSculpting® and Stretch Marks

Always a hit on the screen, the youngest of the three instantly recognizable Kardashians, Khloe, is credited with quite a few plastic surgery improvements to her body. While she has no interest in confirming rumors surrounding, for example, liposuction, Khloe does not hesitate to attribute a lot of credit to CoolSculpting® for her revenge body.

After using it to treat stretch marks on her buttocks, Khloe convinced both her mother, Kris Jenner, and her elder sister, Kim, to try out this new treatment, and now, they all swear by CoolSculpting®’s benefits and results as well!


#2: Little to No Downtime

The miracle of childbirth represents a one-of-a-kind moment in any new mother’s life. However, pregnancy and childbirth also lead to changes in a woman’s body, which women would love to see undone. 

That is the case of Molly Sims, the supermodel who found it difficult to lose the extra fatty tissue around the abdomen after giving birth to her second child. So, she decided to give CoolSculpting® a try. 

CoolSculpting® allowed the now mother of three with a splendid career to follow her modeling and acting careers without any downtime. As such, Molly became one of the chief ambassadors of CoolSculpting®, recommending it as perfect for busy mothers.


#3: Efficiently Removing Fatty Tissue with CoolSculpting® Elite

For those who don’t believe that age is just a number, the example of Sonja Morgan from The Real Housewives of New York should prove them otherwise. At 55 years old, her physique and looks would leave many women wondering, “How does she do it?” 

Sonja does her best to manage her physique with a healthy lifestyle based on a tried-and-true nutrition plan and a constant workout routine. However, in some cases, keeping an eye on what we eat is not enough to keep excess fatty tissue away, which is why she made use of CoolSculpting®.

After treating her lower abdomen area, Sonja decided to take her body-contouring plan even further and vowed to treat her arms and the area under the chin as well. Pleased with the results, Sonja is now a CoolSculpting® ambassador proud to work with a company in which she can believe.


#4: Stunning Results for Men and Women Alike

“Plastic surgery procedures for men?” Just another myth perpetuated by pop culture. The truth is, while women comprise the majority of plastic surgery patients, many men are doing it too, and one of them is Johnny Weir, the two-time Olympic figure skating medallist. 

With quite a hectic schedule on his hands, Johnny can barely find the time to let go of the stubborn fatty tissue the natural way. However, with the help of CoolSculpting®, he can stick to his day-to-day plan without any downtime to keep him on the bench. Just a 35-minute treatment session and he can return to the ice in no time!

CoolSculpting® Elite takes body contouring to the next level.

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More and more celebrities are joining the CoolSculpting® team, and our VIPS team is ready to share the secrets of this fantastic noninvasive procedure with you. Are you ready to join the future of body contouring? Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Vinyard today and check out our blog.

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