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Mothers make the world go ‘round — we all know this. There is so much we have to thank mothers for, and many of us don’t realize just how much mothers experience to bring life into the world. Many women experience dramatic changes to their bodies after giving birth and deserve to feel their best. Mothers, you deserve to feel good about your bodies, and you should reward yourself with a set of cosmetic surgical procedures to restore your pre-pregnancy looks and confidence! 

What is a Mommy Makeover?

A Mommy Makeover is a series of cosmetic treatments and procedures done after childbirth, commonly after a mother is no longer considering having children in the future. The focus of these procedures is restorative, to regain confidence, and on the aesthetic aspects affected by pregnancy. Many areas of the body can be addressed, most commonly the breasts, abdomen, waist, and buttocks. A mommy makeover is typically performed as a single-stage procedure but may feature a few different treatments. 

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Am I a Good Candidate for a Mommy Makeover? 

It’s generally recommended to wait to have a Mommy Makeover until you have determined that you are not planning to have any more kids, as pregnancy can “undo” the makeover results. Furthermore, it’s essential to be in good health and have healthy skin when opting for a procedure. Beyond that, it depends a bit based on what procedures you decide to include. In this article, we’ll review several of the common procedures and who could be an ideal candidate. 

Breast Procedures

One of the most dramatic and visible changes to a woman’s body as a result of pregnancy is related to the breasts – they can swell in size or tend to sag. This does not need to be a permanent change, however, and different cosmetic procedures can minimize or eliminate these concerns. Women may consider getting a breast reduction after breasts swell beyond their usual size or are prone to sagging. 

Your general candidate for this procedure may be experiencing some physical or mental discomfort due to excessively large breasts (macromastia) or maybe some sagging, as their body is not able to support the greater volume with ease.

Some women, however, experience the opposite issue during pregnancy – they may lose some of their original breast shape or volume – and seek to restore it with a breast augmentation procedure – with either silicone or saline implants.

Other women who may be experiencing sagging due to macromastia or loose skin due to volume loss may opt for a breast lift procedure. In a breast lift procedure, loose, excess skin is surgically removed, and skin is tightened to enhance the aesthetic of the new breast shape. Furthermore, this tightening procedure can target areolas that have become larger than normal during pregnancy.

These breast procedures are best for individuals who:

  • No longer plan to bear more children.
  • Have healthy skin.
  • Are at or are near their ideal body weight.

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Abdomen Procedures

Another common part of the Mommy Makeover is an abdomen procedure. The most common of these is the “tummy tuck” or abdominoplasty. A tummy tuck procedure works by removing unwanted fat, restoring weakened muscles, and tightening the skin. A tummy tuck targets the lower abdominal region and tightens loose skin that may hang a bit after rapid weight loss or pregnancy. 

Women may also consider a liposuction procedure to remove excess pockets of fat. Liposuction integrates well with a tummy tuck procedure, and many women have both simultaneously. Like a tummy tuck, a BODYtite procedure helps to tighten skin and also pairs well with liposuction to address concerns of loose skin. 

These abdomen procedures are suited for candidates who are: 

  • In good health.
  • Within 20% of their ideal body weight.
  • Have loose abdominal muscles, loose skin, and excess fat deposits that they want to be removed.

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Vaginal Procedures

At the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, we have two minimally invasive treatments that have great results for women hoping to restore their genital area. One of these is called VOTIVA or FORMA V, which is a treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to generate the production of collagen and elastin, which strengthens the pelvic floor, decreases stress urinary incontinence,  and increases natural lubrication. As a result, the patient will experience an aesthetic and functionality boost and have more comfortable intercourse. 

The other treatment, FEMtite, builds on this radiofrequency technique to make vulvar tissue — such as the labia or clitoral hood — smaller in size. Minimally invasive micro incisions remove any additional extra tissue, increasing the overall aesthetic. Most patients find the mild pain levels of the procedure tolerable, particularly as our medical team universally uses anesthesia for pain management. 

Both of these procedures are effective and promise a quick recovery. However, if the patient opts for a more surgical and more rigorous rejuvenation,  Dr. William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS, and our medical team are equipped to perform this procedure at our Port St. Lucie, FL location.

The best candidate for a vaginal procedure is a woman who:

  • Has had multiple vaginal deliveries and now experiences reduced sensation during intercourse, or experiences soreness or pain during intercourse, horseback riding, or biking. 
  • Has stress urinary incontinence.
  • Has asymmetrical or enlarged labia minora.
  • Is in good health.
  • Has consulted with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Now that we’ve covered the mommy makeover set of procedures in its entirety, here at the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, we hope that more new mothers are ready to take the big step and join us in their own rejuvenation process. Looking forward to learning more about mommy makeovers? Contact us and book your complimentary consultation with Dr. Vinyard today!

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