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When it comes to delicate female care, it can be challenging to differentiate between all the different options, techniques, and results that are available. With various names such as Votiva, Mona Lisa, DiVA, V-Lase, FemTITE, and more, looking for the best female care can seem like swimming in an ocean of acronyms. However, whether you’re looking to improve stress urinary incontinence, tighten your vaginal canal, rebuild your vaginal muscles, reduce your labia, or address your labia’s aesthetic, we here at Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery are ready to help you find the suitable options meant for your female care without the complexity of tons of acronyms and phrases. To learn more about our two most popular vaginal rejuvenation technologies, Votiva and FemTITE, and see whether they’re right for you, read below!


What Is Votiva?

Votiva is a non-surgical treatment that increases blood flow, remodels the vaginal and labial tissue, and uses safe radio-frequency to reverse the damage brought upon by childbirth, time, stress, menopause, and other factors. Votiva addresses both the external and internal parts of a woman’s genital region via radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen growth and increased vascularity to the vaginal canal. Additionally, it helps with tissue elasticity and increased natural lubrication.


What Does Votiva Do?

Because Votiva helps stimulate collagen growth and tissue production, it helps address a variety of issues. When collagen is more abundant, the vaginal area can be improved in multiple ways such as: 

  • Improved skin laxity and tighter labia 
  • Increased sensitivity for a more enjoyable sex life
  • Better production of natural lubrication
  • Improved blood flow
  • Relief for pain from labial hypertrophy (enlarged labia)
  • Relief from physical irritation caused by intercourse
  • Reduces stress urinary incontinence

Votiva And Stress Urinary Incontinence

Stress urinary incontinence is one of the issues Votiva is most famous for treating, as collagen production can help women regain more strength in their pelvic region and around the urethra. This helps keep resistance during coughing, sneezing, jumping, etc. 

Votiva can help women who are suffering from mild to moderate stress urinary incontinence, which can help them claim back this part of her life and provide them with peace of mind without surgery.  Women with severe stress urinary incontinence will likely require surgical intervention.


How Does Votiva Work? 

Votiva is performed in-office without anesthesia and provides the best results in a series of three treatments. Votiva uses a handheld device to treat both internal and external tissues. The device gently heats the internal and external vaginal area with the radiofrequency, which promotes collagen growth and increased vascularity to the aging tissue. Results are often seen within days to weeks, depending on the woman.


What Is FemTITE?

FemTITE is a non-surgical treatment that helps women achieve their personal aesthetic labia goals. While labiaplasty surgery is the traditional way to address oversized or irregular labia, FemTITE provides a non-surgical alternative that uses RFAL (radiofrequency assisted lipolysis) to tighten the layers of skin, remove excess tissue, and thin the labia skin. The FemTITE procedure is also known as a scarless labiaplasty since it eliminates the need for the traditional surgical procedure.


What Does FemTITE Do?

Similar to Votiva, FemTITE uses radiofrequency to accomplish its goals. However, FemTITE’s specialty is tightening and reducing the labia. This is accomplished with two devices — AVIVA, which uses the RFAL technology, and RF microneedling, which delivers radiofrequency energy through tiny needles that penetrate the skin, heat it and stimulate collagen for tightness. By harnessing energy, FemTITE directs collagen stimulation and tissue tightening in the labia minora and majora to address physical appearance.

Decreasing more oversized or irregular labia can not only increase a woman’s self-confidence and self-esteem, but it can also help decrease discomfort and chaffing with wearing leggings, shorts, and tighter clothing. It can also decrease irritation from more prominent/irregular labia during exercise, sexual relations, or other activities that can cause chafing, scratching, and inflammation. No matter what reason a patient would like to tighten her labia, FemTITE can help her achieve her goals and grow more comfortable. 


How Does FemTITE Work?

FemTITE is performed under local anesthesia as the bulky labia tissue is treated with the handheld device that shrinks the surrounding tissue. Since FemTITE is a form of reduction, results can be permanent. Usually, only one treatment of FemTITE is required, and full results manifest over multiple months. In addition, since it is not a surgical procedure, there is much less recovery time.


Is Votiva or FemTITE Better?

Often, Votiva and FemTITE are administered together for complete vaginal rejuvenation. Since either technology addresses different issues, combining them makes for a complete vaginal makeover that addresses both the external and internal issues a woman may have. Ultimately, the utility of either technology depends on the needs and goals of the patient.  


We’re Here for You!

We here at VIPS value your experience as a patient. We know how sensitive addressing intimate issues can be, and we are fully prepared to give you the safest, most comfortable experience we can provide. Whether discussing your vaginal concerns, choosing the best plan for you, administering your appointment, or anything else, we pride ourselves in our patient-first mantra. We want to help you achieve the best version of “you” possible! Therefore, schedule a free consultation with us today to see whether Votiva or FemTITE is the right option for you.

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